Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mami, Am I Fat?

How many weight-loss commercials are there? With 2007 looming ever closer (like tommorrow...), the herd of weight loss adds have been released. Everything from those sketchy pills to Jenny Craig-like programs to joining the gym and buying work-out equipment.

My favorite commercial was the one for some weight-loss commercial where it says, "It's not your fault your fat. It's cortizones!" or something that my mind chooses to remember as that. The humor that I find in it is not that I think it's people's fault that they are fat-- complex subject that-- but that it blames it on your body and things designed to help people survive.

It also reminds me of Little Miss Sunshine when the dad was pretty much calling the little girl fat and trying to get her not to eat the ice cream. (So mean!) Really, if your kid is a little heavy and you're trying to get them to eat healthier, just take control of their diet. Tell them they can't have the junk food; don't tell them they're fat.

But back on topic, like much of America, I've made a fitness goal for 2007. My goal is not really to lose weight so much as to tone up and maybe gain some muscle. Really, I have like negative muscle...

I got some new fitness gear, and I have part of a plan started. I'm a runner at heart, or should I say legs, so at least a half hour run/jog/thing four days a week. I'm more of an endurance runner than speedy so it should work out fine for my cardio. Now, I just need to find some exercises to tone my thighs, bum, and abs.

Oh! & I really want this American Apparel tee, but not cropped because I don't have the hot abs yet and that's what I want it for, to work on those abs.

Sorry for the pic with the sex shorts? on, but this pic showed how it drapes so nicely and looks perfect for keeping cool when you have to wear a shirt while working out and it's hot.

I also want to better treat the part of my body I dislike the most due to its horrid temper, my skin. If I'm nice to it, it'll behave. It's so easy to mistreat in winter though, when it needs my love the most, since it ends up covered.

So, they we have it! Documentation of my New year's resolutions, going into effect after it's officially the new year. Chinese New Year, that is. Just teasing...

Outfit (from 12/20 dog walk around the lake)- cropped hoody and tunic- JC Penny, jeans and sneakers- Ross, rainbow tee and fanny pack- mom (70s,80s), scarf- Old Navy

Resolved Resolutions,
Ivy Frozen

Friday, December 29, 2006

Style Influence and Inspiration Pt. This One

The Sartorialistwanted to know people earliest fashion influence for his contest. I would have posted this over there for the contest, but one of his earlier posts stopped me. He mentioned semi-stealing a signed copy of a magazine because it meant more to him than the person he got it from. (Theoretically...) And the book he had up for prize was a book that I'm sure someone else who actually entered would enjoy more than me. I might like it, but might is the key word. I certaily wouldn't treasure it like a true fan, so instead I bore you all with my answer to the question. Madonna. Lacey, but racy, Madonna. Madonna made fashion fun with her "I'll wear a tutu with combat boots if I want to!" look back in the 80s. I wasn't to crazy about her cone bra looks, but Madonna is constantly roaming style wise and she seems to get into niches like me. But, when hers don't work, she doesn't cry or keep shoving the same thing down our throats. She moves on to something else, and that's why she's still a pop queen, unlike Michael Jackson.

I do like more color and pattern mixing madness than Madonna who plays more with shape, although her latest incarnation loves shiny pastels. But, my more bold looks are firmly rooted in my childhood from seeing the lacy Madonna look with her biting additude. Love the contrast and still do. Sweet and Sour, baby!

And for those skoffing at her latest 70s roller disco meets the 80s workout gear craze, comparing Madonna to your grandma in statements something like, "I wouldn't want my grandma to wear something like that," your grandma don't look like Madonna. Your grandma is also not a rich performer and style icon. So, your comparison is, well, not working. Madonna can wear a leotard if she wants to. Heck, she looks better than me in one.

Madonna, making fashion fun again.

Now, some Madonna time:

A quick run through of Madonna.

A longer run thorugh of Madonna, including photos and clips from her movies and stage performances in addition to her videos.

One of my fav. Madonna songs and videos.

Bedtime Story. Right on trend. Flowers? (S/S) Check. Shiny? Check. Futurific? Check. Check. and Check.

Take a Bow. My other favorite Madonna song. I've always loved it, and love her classy but also real look in this video. Right on trend again. (Christina Aguilera is always channeling in her vids...)

1st outfit (from 12/18)- puff sleeve polo- Ross, cropped hoody and flats- JC Penny, Shorts- Lola/Rave, tights and socks- H&M, brooches- mom's grandma

2nd outfit (from 12/27)- shirt- Mervyns, brown cami (under)- Lola/Rave, belt- thrifted, skirt (rose patterned long prairie skirt taken up and bustled by me and a safety pin)- mom (70s), black thigh highs- Hot Topic, ballet flats- Nu Pair (BOGO-ed with my prom shoes)

Not just like a virgin,
Ivy Frozen


I'm alive and back to posting. Lookout for a stream... I started a bunch of posts and just have to finish them at odd hours of the night when I should be sleeping.
Everyone's doing top 10 and top 100 lists for 2006. I don't know why. Really, why 10 or 100? Because they're even? Easy to divide and count by? I don't know about you, but none of that is useful with any of the things I do with those lists. So, I present to you my favorite shopping rules of 2006. The list is as long as favorite shopping rules I have, which may or may not fall into these favorite numbers. Maybe next I'll do my top 6 looks from 2006 and the top 11 items I will not be sad to see go. Why? Because I like 6, but I'm not too keen on 11...

My Fav Rules of 2006:

1. If it's not exactly what you want, don't buy it. If you're like me, the substitute just won't do it for you and you'll still crave the perfect item, which you'll find later and then purchase and promptly shove the substitute into the dark corner of your closet along with all the other substitutes. Substitutes: just don't do them. And remember, good friends don't let good friends take home a substitute.

2. Think about when and where you will wear the item. If you can't think of any outfits made up of items you already own, if you can't think of several outfits, if you can't think of ongoing occassions and it's not for a very special one, then just say "no". It's okay.

3. Buy stuff that fits you now in all ways, not for when your feet spontaneously shrink half an inch or you finally lose those few inches. This also means not to buy that skimpy but oh-so-shiny top for the great nightlife you're planning to adopt. If these things actually do happen, you can always purchase those things. The world is not suddenly going to have a shortage of perfect items for your occasion. I know, it's hard to believe. I still have trouble believing it.

4. Just because it's cheap now, doesn't mean you have to buy it now. Sacrilege! Sacrilege! But true sacrilege. The reason why for this one, is actually reason #5:

5. Think about the clutter. As a messy person, I speak for all messy people who don't have some mold that at one time or other was pizza festering beneath their bed that my clutter annoys me at times too. The mess really comes from my attempting to organize my clutter on the biggest shelf in my house, all visible and within easy reach at once. Yeah, it doesn't work so well. And no, I don't think fondly of the pile of clothes waiting to fall on me when I open my closet or having to dig through it all for "that one top". Do I really want to add said item from #4 (typically multiplied over time) to all that just because it's cheap? Yeah. Not so cheap now, is it.

6. There is no Island of Clothes that No One Wanted. Rest easy knowing the item will go to a good home where it is loved (or tossed in the trash). I just need a moment to form a boring clip show in my mind, complete with cheesy and overly dramtic music of all the items that have been denied me this year via those rules T_T ...
Okay! Done!

Now that I've beat that into me, I'm going to try to limit my spending in 2007. Ultimate goal is $0 on anything I don't need or isn't replacing something worn out and/or broken. Of course, such a leap seems unrealistic for my itchy fingers. I might do alright the first part of the year as Christmas just passed and my birthday is in March, but towards the end, I'll need some retail therapy! So, perhaps I'll take it in month spurts and shoot for half a year. That's until summer. I think I can do that. Maybe... Possibly... I'll demand gift cards, ne?
Featured Outfit (from 12/11): romper dress thing- thrift store, long sleeve tee- Target, tights and belt- JC Penny, boots- Hot Topic, scarf- thrifted
Lock on her wallet est. 2007,
Ivy Frozen
P.S. Okay, so I totally ignored the rules for that that romper in the picture, but my sister bought it for me so it's okay. Plus, I did find a way to wear it...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

On the 11th Day before Christmas, Ivy Frozen gave to me

The truth about jeans: they ain't so comfy. Sure, there's that old pair that you spent years breaking in until all the spots that rub were smooth and nearly threadbare, and about ready for the trash can. I repeat jeans aren't that comfy. All that hardware, the restriction on movement, and that heavy duty-fabric just can't be, no matter how hard it tries. The real comfort of jeans is the mindset that you can do a lot in them. They're so practical and can look pretty snazzy too. They're a go anywhere, do anything garment. Paint in them, garden in them, do heavy labor in them, play in them, etc.

But, if you want real comfort, I much prefer trousers or leggings.

So, so many people --and by people I mean "fashionistas"-- protest the leggings (and ankle boot trend) because they tend to make your ankles blend into your calves producing the horror inducing word, "cankles." When I first saw the word "cankles" used, it thought it was some horrible deformity or disease. But no, it's just what you see in the picture of my outfit above, where the indent of my ankle dissappears. I'm really unimpressed. So what if the line of my ankle disappears? I'm not seeing the horror. If you look at my right leg, it's pretty obviously there. I see no problem with the "cankle" look and I shall continue to sport items that supposedly give me this, including shoes with ankle straps.

Stay tooned for more crazy silhouettes that I love and support!

My outfirt worn Dec. 7th: red tunic- mom (70s/80s), faux fur bolero- um..., black leggings- Lola/Rave, white cuffed ankle boots- Hot Topic, thick black waist belt (under my arms)- JC Penny

Cankles: ankles with a "c" for cool,

Ivy Frozen

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Silence Must be Heard! DIY

Not simply observed...

Okay, so didja really think I'd be over my Enigma obsession so quickly? Today's post is about playing with volume, as all the magazines suggest doing and talk about designers doing, etc. It's also filled with diy goodness.

So, in the picture, I am wearing a dress I made myself. It's the first item of clothing I've ever made, and I'm lazy. Anyone else get a headache when reading all that "use [insert name of stitch that is explained nowhere how to do] stitch" in those easy diy and beginner guides? Yeah, well I said I'll just work it out as I go. I used diy instructions for a circle skirt (pretty much just cut a circle how big you want the skirt out of fabric), sewed a band at the top, attached straps and some buttons (a few more than planned since it ended up a bit big; I allowed too much extra.) and voile! Unfortunately, the fabric I used ('cause it had plaid and was on clearance!) has a tendency to fray easily, so I also had to hem. (Many fabrics you don't have to.) But, here are some better pics of the dress. I do love the movement... But more fabric than I planned and the back is longer than the fron when I wear it do to tilting. I could always just hem up the back a bit though. But, here are the pictures really:

So, the second diy is a bustle. Once again, this is a bustle for the lazy person. Take a circle skirt pull some of the fabric from the sides back to create a bustle as you like. Then secure with a safety pin and you're done. Temporary but highly effective. Plus, your skirt is now two-in-one. I will say that bustles slim my hims considerably, as you might be able to see in the photo on the very top. Of course, I do tend to wear 3/4th length puff sleeved shirts with them...

Now, I haven't tried this with an A-line skirt, but it should work too. Also, with longer skirts and dresses, you can fold them up a bit to create an apron, then secure in back with pin to create a bustle and have more bounce to it (since there will be more fabric.) Otherwise, you'll end up with a more pencil/tulipy shape for the skirt.

My outfit worn Nov. 27th: puff sleeve blouse- mom (from 70s), plaid jumper/pinafore- made by me, long sleeve tee and boots- JC Penny, belt- Forever 21 (I like wearing it backwards!), tights- Target

Volume, it's good for you
Ivy Frozen

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Go vintage, young girl

Look into the mirror of your soul.
Love and hate are one and all.
Sacrifice turns to revenge
And believe you will see the face who will say,
"I love you; I'll kill you
"But to love you...forever!"
--from Enigma's "I love you...I'll kill you"

Vinatage. It's not just about the look. It's not just about not having to worry about some chick wearing the same thing as you. It's about history.

While I do like vintage for all of the above reasons-- I seriously HATE wearing the same item at the same time at the same place as some other person--I LOVE vintage because it's a connection to the past. I love history and it's neat to think of all the time the item has survived to end up in my hands. It's also fun to muse about past owners of the garment. Who knows; I might have been the past owner (and/or creater of the homesewn stuff) back in a past life. Some items just have that big a draw to me. But my favorite vintage items come from my own family. Well, my mom.

My mom is a huge pack-rat and hates to throw stuff away. She's convinced that she'll need it one day after she's tossed it out. She's worse than me in her pack-rattish ways. I think our house might just be filled to the brim with stuff if my dad wasn't a neat freak to counter-act my mom's ways. But, I do love all the old stuff she saved from the 70s. I also love wearing the costume jewlry from my mother's grandmother and great grandmother. She was raised by them. It just gives me a worm feeling. Unfortunately, I left most of the brooches from the grandmas at home, but when I'm there, I wear at least one almost every day. I just love the warm fuzzies I get from wearing. I also think they watch out for me (they're both dead. Really, and interesting concept for me considering my less than clear views on spiritual matters...) as I do tend to be lucky, especially when paired with negative energy.

Going with that, I also adore the two rings my parents bought me. I "feel the love" when I wear them. One, I didn't particularly carefore. It was a result of a "momism". <-- That term actually does not come from my own poor grip on language, but from my American Indian studies teacher. "Momism" refers to those things mom's do, such as insisting you bundle up before going out, the doting and chicken noodle soup when you're sick, and all that stuff that you're just like "Aw, mom!" about. In this case, that would be insisting that I should get this ring, that I don't particularly want, because my sister got one, that she wanted. The other ring is my birth stone and diamond. It's the only ring I've actually ever wanted. Aquamarine, diamond, and white gold: a stunning combination. It's so winter fresh, pure/innocent, and also springy; all images and ideas I relate to myself. My name IS Ivy Frozen and I told you I adore it and find it just so fitting. Also, if I ever get married (which would involve a little thing, like I dunno, a boyfriend first), I totally want my engagement ring to be aquamarine, diamon, and white gold! I'd marry that guy on the spot if I got a ring in with that combo. And he'd be getting laid when he wanted, how he wanted (to translate some more lines from Enigma) if the proposal also came with these shoes. Ah, now that's a dream.

In the picture above, I am sporting a color combo fit to match that ring. And that shirt used to belong to my mother, way back when she was about my size. (I think she was always a bit bigger than me, at least her boobs.) Gotta love that parrot! As for the Enigma lyrics, I've been playing Enigma and E Nomine music obsessivly lately (sign me up for their cults!) and, well, the lyrics relate to this post with how love and hate are somehow the same thing, while be oppossites. A very thin line between them. Or is there a line at all? Sometimes, I'd say no. As used in this post, yes.

My outfit (from Sunday): button up shirt with parrot- mom from 70s/80s, white with black dots shirt (under)- Ross, blue corduroys- Sears, wedges- Kohls (They have leaves on side of the wedge heel!), green waist belt- Thrift Town

I love you, I'll kill you
Ivy Frozen

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mood Swings, Mood Rings

Just noticing how my dressing seems to be. I tend to go for more masculine (meets feminine) and slouchy/baggy looks when I'm grumpy. I go for sleek, classy and sexy when I'm feeling good, and I go for crazier stuff when I'm feeling bold/energetic. Anyone else notice their moods reflected in clothes? Colors don't really firgure too much into my feeling moods. Though you know I love a good sweet and sour contrast.

Oh my! It seems we have a new word for me to define: moods. See, I use "mood" as a word to refer to more than being happy, sad, mad, etc. Stuff like I'm in an ice cream mood (want ice cream), autumn mood (loving leaves, autumn colors, etc.), and sleek mood (I've been wearing sleeker, more classic outfits since I went home for Thanksgiving break.) Y'all know I need my fun though. I mean, what is the point if not fun? Or survival.

Now, I'll finish this off with test results you probably don't care too much about, but tests you might want to take. Both tests receive a thumbs up from me. I can see myself as the tests describe me. Actually, you probably do care about the results, voyeurs that we all are. So, here we go:'s What animal (print) are you test:

The fact that a leopard can’t change its spots is not lost on you. Like the sleek and sensuous wildcat, you’ve wholly embraced your aloofness and penchant for self-indulgence and freedom. You live by your instincts, which comes in handy while exploring unknown territories, be they of the heart and mind or exotic places.

I luv leopard

Okay Cupid Enneagram test:
the Observer
Thanks for taking the test !
you chose BZ - your Enneagram type is FIVE.

"I need to understand the world"

Observers have a need for knowledge and are introverted, curious, analytical, and insightful.

How to Get Along with Me

  • Be independent, not clingy.
  • Speak in a straightforward and brief manner.
  • I need time alone to process my feelings and thoughts.
  • Remember that If I seem aloof, distant, or arrogant, it may be that I am feeling uncomfortable.
  • Make me feel welcome, but not too intensely, or I might doubt your sincerity.
  • If I become irritated when I have to repeat things, it may be because it was such an effort to get my thoughts out in the first place.
  • don't come on like a bulldozer.
  • Help me to avoid my pet peeves: big parties, other people's loud music, overdone emotions, and intrusions on my privacy.

What I Like About Being a Five

  • standing back and viewing life objectively
  • coming to a thorough understanding; perceiving causes and effects
  • my sense of integrity: doing what I think is right and not being influenced by social pressure
  • not being caught up in material possessions and status
  • being calm in a crisis

What's Hard About Being a Five

  • being slow to put my knowledge and insights out in the world
  • feeling bad when I act defensive or like a know-it-all
  • being pressured to be with people when I don't want to be
  • watching others with better social skills, but less intelligence or technical skill, do better professionally

Fives as Children Often

  • spend a lot of time alone reading, making collections, and so on
  • have a few special friends rather than many
  • are very bright and curious and do well in school
  • have independent minds and often question their parents and teachers
  • watch events from a detached point of view, gathering information
  • assume a poker face in order not to look afraid
  • are sensitive; avoid interpersonal conflict
  • feel intruded upon and controlled and/or ignored and neglected

Fives as Parents

  • are often kind, perceptive, and devoted
  • are sometimes authoritarian and demanding
  • may expect more intellectual achievement than is developmentally appropriate
  • may be intolerant of their children expressing strong emotions

Renee Baron & Elizabeth Wagele

The Enneagram Made Easy
Discover the 9 Types of People
Harper SanFrancisco, 1994, 161 pages

You liked the test? so please don't forget to RATE it...
but remember! it had only two questions!!! ;-)

you wanna know MORE?
so check out, what Wikipedia says about your type...

...even more you'll find in Google

Link: The Quick & Painless ENNEAGRAM Test written by felk on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
My outfit (from Tuesday): Turtle tee- Sears, Long sleeve tee- JC Penny, Swing jacket- Lola, Pants- Uhhh... Back from my slouchy, skate-boarder/snow boarder/extreme sports player look days., Socks- Payless, Shoes- Ebay, Scarf- knit for me by a friend

Kid Tested, Mother Approved
Ivy Frozen

Friday, December 01, 2006


Apparently, I want to carry a bag with me when I'm naked. Really, what is up with all the naked ladies selling bags? What exactly is the message? Buy the bag so the lady can buy some clothes? Nudist style: you may not wear clothes so assert your style with a cool bag? Just really baffles/annoys me, especially when I see it back, to back, to back by about twenty different brands in the same magazine. I flipped through to page 75 with only a page or two of actual content before that. Y'all know fashion magazines annoy me, and yet I most be a masochist for I buy one or two every now and then. This time it was Bazaar, since I tend to like their articles. Yes, JLO on the cover sold it to me as I was wondering why she was on the cover of a best dressed magazine, considering she's been looking, well, old, decrepit, and isn't exactly praised often for her style. I must say, I liked how they did their best dressed list, showing the pictures and then an article explaining the choices kind of generally. It points out that we all have a different idea of style, and few people would agree with the list. And also how one guy had a problem with the list because his wife dressed better than everyone ont he list and he didn't want to read anything that didn't have his wife in it (or something close to that.). These ideas gave me pause, because I too am guilty about those quick judgements and irrational/hypocritcal behavior despite this lovely blog promoting dressing outside of the common box they try to force you to use and inside your own box, even if it does include things from the other box. (Dun-dun-duuunnnn!) So praise to Bazaar for that! I'll keep that in mind as I wonder "what that famous person was thinking!" Should they really be held to different fashion standards than the rest of us? Must every famous person also be a style icon? Just something to ponder... I'll try to keep that in mind as my mind next time it's relevant to my thoughts.

But, even keeping that in mind, I still must wonder why Britney is going out everywhere in short dresses WITHOUT UNDERWEAR? I mean, does she like flashing her parts to everyone? Is she depresses about divorcing K. Fed.? (Although I could never see why...) I don't have much love for Britney, but I did think she could do better than that creep. And I kind of feel sorry for her now. Am I the only one to notice how evil Paris Hilto looks in all of their pictures together? Paris has got this evil-friendly expression on her face (of course, she always looks like that...) and Britney looks all sweet, and like, "okay. Yay! We're going out. And you're my friend Paris. I'm n ot sure about this, but you said it was okay and I want you to like me so, I'll do it." Then, we have Paris who looks like, "Yes, yes, Britney. You look very pretty. And I have you right where I want you my pretty, mwahahahha!"

Even with my sympathy, however, the no underwear has no excuse. She's a mother! Do it for the kids, Britney. Do it for the kids so they don't get into a bunch of fights because everybody and their momma has seen their momma's nether regions. Now, I wore a very light, floaty dress today and it was a bit windy. Not windy enough to make wearing this really stupid/impracticle, but my skirt did fly up once while I was crossing a field. It was no big deal though because I'm wearing boxers. (And underwear under the boxers.) Yeah, that's right. I think boxers and socks that go over the knee are the hottest and really comfy too. Mine are red Aeropostale with little monkey faces on them. About the only thing I'd get from Aeropostale. Men's boxers too, I believe. (I won them at a party.) That would explain why they're so awesome versus th oddity that is women's boxers.

No, for Paris, I took the liberty of putting together an outfit fit for an heiress.

Texas Heiress

It's a total kick to your face, without being a kick. It's a sample of what I would wear if I had a rich daddy. Of course, I wore this even though my daddy isn't rich... Well, anyways, I think that if we are forced to see Paris (believe I do not actively seek images of her and would prefer not to be force fed her less than sparkling image), then she should take some notes from Dita von Teese. You don't have to be an ass or a boob to be sexy. And from me, it doesn't have to be pink, fluffy, and/or covered with Hello Kitty to be youthful, cute, and fun.

I believe Sullen Girl lays out the incidents mentioned above very nicely.

My outfits: The 1st worn today: skirt worn as dress & brown crochet shrug- Ross, cropped trapeze jacket- Lola, over the knee socks- Wet Seal, gold espadrilles- Old Navy, leaf necklace- Lulu's Fashion Lounge

The 2nd worn on Wednesday: faux fur bolero- eh, I forget. Last year somewheres on sale, cream corset tank (that flash of white there)- Ross, black long sleeve tee- Target, black pencil skirt and grey tights- JC Penny, brown cowboy boots- Charlotte Russe, brown belt- Payless, roses brooch- mom; used to be her grandma's, freshwater pearl necklace- Hawaii

Fully clothed Thank You,
Ivy Frozen

Monday, November 27, 2006

Cheap or Cheap

I Can't See NYYou all know I'm cheap, right? I really don't spend more than $30 on any clothing item. And I think that's expensive. I think Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, and even Old Navy are expensive, except when stuff is on sale. Of course, that leads to my massive collection of stuff... To be fair though, I must contest that a) Much of it is hand me downs from my sis or mom and b) I don't throw anything away. B is particularly relevent since I haven't changed size really since maybe the seventh grade, and I can still fit into tops from earlier than that. (My mom liked to buy my clothes big, saying I'd grow into them. I tried on a pair of jeans and they were falling off me. I showed my mom and she said they fit perfectly...)

In the spirit of the Holiday season, a starving student's budget, and my general cheapness, I offer my evaluations of some cheap mass retailers.

Kohl's- Cheap on sale and cheap in quality. Their button up shirts do that annoying thing where the buttons gap open (the even had a picture in one of their adds with an ill-made sweater doing just that) and is torn soon. Don't buy anything you plan to need for a while from here. Their shoes, however get a thumbs up. $5 shoes on clearance! Hold up nicely and look good! I;m typically gentle to my shoes though. (Just note what I wear each day!)

JC Penny- They get points for quality and price. Good sales and good pieces. I use to shop almost exclusively there. (The shop of choice changes with the fashion seasons and what shop carries what I like.) I don't shop their juniors department so much anymore, but I do like their misses collection, particularly their Bisou Bisou line. (Love my high waisted pencil skirt!)

Target- Target's usually good. Plus, their return policy rocks! 90 Days! If your stuff doesn't last at least that long, take it back. No questions asked. They also know what a clearance is versus sale, and have some rocken shoe clearances. $8 boots! $4.98 pumps! And their stuff looks good too. On the negatove, I hate the fit of their screen tees and long sleeve tees. Too wide in the shoulders for me. If you have wide shoulders, that may be good. Oh, and I'm not too impressed with their online service either...

Walmart- If you can brave this store (the one near my house is staffed mostly by immigrants who don't speak English very well and don't know anything about the store) then their are some good buys to be had. They are the monarch's of clearance with $1, $2, $3, and $5 racks. I have a few pieces from there that are still going strong a few years later. I do have to say that they lack a few things design-wise, but obviously nothing too bad or I wouldn't have bought much less worn the pieces as much as I have. Their shoes have also looked cuter lately, but don't fit my feet. Admittedly I have narrow feet, but in the shoes I tried on even a 7.5, which usually fits me right width-wise but is a bit tighter than I like length and toe room wise, was WAY to wide for my feet.

Payless- Cute shoes and quality and design has online gone up through the years. They also have great sales, and you can cheat by switching shoe boxes if you can avoid the eyes of staff...

Forever 21- Yes, I even count them as expensive. I can't resist buying a piece from here every now and then. They've set themselves up as THE spot for dresses. In fact, I bought my prom dress there.

Supernatural coat

Click for larger pic. I like my fancy dresses simple, without cheap looking glitter, colors that look like rainbow brite puked on it, and other cheap embellishments. I like design using the fabric of the dress, and doesn't look trashy. This refers to the stuff they usually toss at you around prom season. Also, several of my favorite pieces hail from this store. Their sales rock in terms of prices! Usually, the really good stuff never make sit their though. Their quality is also often not the best. Some pieces are good, others, not so much. I advise to always check seams and such at this store.

Wet Seal- Somewhat better though still wavering on expensive for me. They have awesome sales though! So tempting... I also like their jeans. Good stuff. (Designer jeans are a waste for me, since as you see, I rarly wear jeans and usually wear them to just fool around in.)

Charlotte Russe- Cute stuff, cruddy website, and check quality here too. Their shoes are great though and often on sale. Got my trusty cowboy boots are there and their still going strong, despite the abuse I heap on them. I wear them as rain boots, since rain boots are too heavy for my liking and also tend to slide off my narrow feet and tiny ankles/calves. Wore them all through last year's rainy season and they're still going strong. Only problem is they slip. Ugh. Lucky I have good balance though...

Rave/Lola- I like them too. Decent quality, though again I say check the seams. Decent prices, though yet again wavering on expensive. AWESOME sales though, and the cute stuff goes on sale.

Hot Topic- Way overpriced, but they've had some good sales lately--including 50% off boots!--and I'd speak well of their quality. Plus, the people are ALWAYS friendly, so they get love from me. (Unlike American Eagle et al.) I also love their accessories. I so wanted a couple of their guitarr pick necklaces! But, I'm a starving college student who needs to buy Christmas presents.

Oh, and by the way, exhausted this week (trouble sleeping on hard dorm bed from my nice, soft bed at home) so excuse my typos and lazy spelling.

Outfit from Nov. 14th: long sleeve tee and brown wrap boots- JC Penny, blue tank- Ross, jeans- Wet Seal, vest- mom (from 70s. I luve it!), red feather fascinator- Taissa Lada Designs (ebay)

Cheap, Cheap

Ivy Frozen

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeah

You've got questions? Today, I've got answers. Okay, so no one actually asked me specifically any questions, but I've seen a lot of questions asked elsewear that just make me go aye-yi-yi! So, today, I give you the answers.

Q. Should I buy this trend item, with the the risk that it will soon be out of fashion?

A. If the only reason you're considering buying said item is because it's a trend, then no. If you actually like said item, even if it were not a trend, then go for it. If you really like it, screw the trend whores and keep wearing them even when bubblegum girl with her Loreal locks perfectly on trend informs you how "totally out" they are, and even when fashionista iforms you they were so over [insert period of time] ago. If you really are that self concious but truly like them, when they go out, put it away and pull it out when it's back in style. Pretty much everything comes back in style one way or another, some person resurrects it and looks cool doing it.

Q. Does this go with this?

A. Well, that depends on what look you're going for. A single piece can be paired with other items that can give it so many diffrent "feels," shall I say, from kind of rocker tough to coming across sweeter. Of course, certain pieces speak louder than others. In terms of matching, matching is always good. And contrary to my sister's and color-matching obsessive people, I do in fact match. I just don't limit my matching to colors.

So now we get into the world of Matching!

Matching does not simply equal the same color or color schemes. I find it somewhat boring to limit myself to that. Come on! That's kindergarten level matching, though if you like it, rock on. I certainly do use that matching. It is the founding point of matching. But I also like to be more adventurous in my matching, which may include throwing in a contrasting color. It's still matching because said contrast color is thrown in there specifically for another color or colors in their and goes with them by contrasting and staying out. Typically, said color is bold and this technique is utalized by using mostly black and then the color or a pattern.

For example, I site the outfit included for today's post. My matching is more clear on the right where I stuck with bold, darker, richer colors. Blues on the top on nuetrals on the bottom. The belt is a earthtone bronve with a horse and horseshoe on it that matches thematically with the cowboy boots. On the left, the vest matches the striped scarf, as does pretty much everything else, and the blue scarf ties in to the blues. That's right! It matches! Cuz I said so. Plus, I was tired that day...

Q. Does the fashion rule go like this or this?/Can I wear this although it violates the fashion rules?

A. Fashion Rules? I don't recall anything like that being set in stone. The so-called fashion rules are more like guidelines and made to be bended, stretched, and broken. I repeat, where is the fun if they are not? Try it! If you like it, wear it! Do remember practicality and decorum though too.

Q. Last, a question of my own. What's up with Audrey Hepburn? I can see her as a style icon, but as an actress, she doesn't do much for me. None of her films (that I've seen) would make my favorites list. Breakfast at Tiffany's is memorable for the fashion (you know I love contrasts, perfectly exemplified by the openign with the Givenchy gown and a bagel, was it, while she hangs OUTSIDE the shop and stares at the wares within.) but I really don't get the movie. What exactly is it about? Audrey's character is crazy? Yeah, not exactly on my favorites, even with the clothes. (Of course, I think Mulin Rouge is a freaky movie. The way they filmed it gives it a horror-circus feel to me, with the music, coughing up blood, really fast and really slow scenes, lighting. ::shivers::)

Outfit from Friday, Oct. 17th: vest- mom from 70s, blue scarf and belt- some Chinese shop, striped scarf- Old Navy, cropped hoody- JC Penny, pants- Marshalls, socks- Wet Seal, boots- Charlotte Russe, shirt- Disney land from when I was a little girl. (Princess Jasmine and Raja. I want a pet tiger too...)

Needing a Joker suit,
Ivy Frozen

Thursday, November 16, 2006

On Corsets

Corsets. Old style, need a maid to tighten your waist to a hand spread (A hand spread! That's like half my waist taking the gentlest meaning of that.) corsets.

Kind of creepy. We envy those women their tiny waists but it's really kind of freakish looking. See, they look really cool in the clothes but they really ARE shaped like that. And their organs are shifted around.

It brings all sorts of questions to mind. How exactly did these women have children? What did they eat on Thanksgiving, because we know they couldn't stuff themselves with turkey? How was this sexy again when a guy could grab you about the waist with one hand?

And the descriptions of what the corsets do kind of made me a feel a little sick. The S bend corset forces the hips back and shoves the bust forward creating the S shape.

But then the article also points out that this was the way women sculpted their bodies the way women now-a-days do at the gym. Exercise wasn't big back then; dieting and shaping garments were. When you think of it that way, it's not quite so ludicrous... Also, I suppose it goes back to the helpless is sexy, man feels needed kind of thing that Marilyn Monroe was big on. She'd have the heels on her shoes uneven to increase the wiggle in her walk and make her appear more vulnerable or something. While I do love Marilyn style dresses and sweaters, her voice creeps me out. It's like Michael Jackson's, kind of creepy-childish. Not a bad likeness, as Marilyn committed suicide and Michael Jackson, well, might as well have done it literally.

And But back to corsets, I'll let you in on a little not-so secret: I have a thing for corsets. Now, I probably would not dig anything that required a second person to pull it insanely tight that it shifted my organs around and cmpressed my ribcage from a fudge-sickle shape to a jelly bean shape. But I do dig a corset that clings and contours to my body. I'm about comfort, but I do like things that cling and move with my body. Of course, the fabric should be soft too and no scratchy (no skinny jeans!). Just ask my mom; I am the pickiest about fabrics. I like soft, touchable fabrics. (Velvet, soft faux fur = love!)

I like this outfit. It makes me look thinner. My sis thought I lost weight. (I'm a bit wasp wasted in the pic on the far right... Not that thin equals beautiful. In fact, pretty much every female close to me has more weight than I. (I like some meat on my women ;) Of course, that then puts pressure on me to remain thin. It's kind of become part of my place, being the thin one. I really think I might flip out if I gained a bunch of weight. That seems unlikely though. I've pretty much maintained this same weight all through high school and I seem to get my weight genes from my father's side of the family. (About half his siblings are tall and thin including my dad, the other have is short and chubby cute.) Too bad I didn't get the height along with the thin gene. Honestly, I do think I look scrawny sometimes though and need to gain some more weight, especially on days when I look about twelve. Yuck! I'm pear shaped so all my weight goes to my hips, ass, and upper thighs. A bit goes to my tummy too, but mostly those easily disguised by an A-line skirt areas.

No before I talk myself into another jam (if I haven't already), let's end this post. Corsets are good when not laced too tight! Oh, and I'm mixing black and brown accessories and me likey! Take that fashion rules, which are really more like guidelines that tend to boring things up rather than promote good fashion.

Outfit from Thursday, Nov. 16th: long sleeve tee- JC Penny, vest- Mom from 70s, dress- Forever 21, boots- Charlotte Russe, striped scarf- Old Navy, leaves scarf- Thrift Town, tights- Walmart, heart shaped pin- Great Grandma

Question Authority,
Ivy Frozen

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hell P1:The Devil's Shopping Mall

I hate ebay. Okay, fine I don't. I'm just ticked off that some devil person outbid me on a dress at the last minute. The ebay rubs it in my e-mailing me no fewer than five times to tell me I was outbid and keeping track of how many times I've lost at an auction. Really, what is the point in keeping track of how many times you've lost or even won? Is ebay some sort of game? Why, yes. I think it is. Run by the DEVIL!

That's right! Ebay's an evil trap. See, because after losing out on the dress, I then had to seek out more items to bid on to console myself. I tried to bid on another dress and was outbid yet again by the devil's spawn itself.

Continuing in this Groundhog Day loop, I then began searching out for a dream item of mine: a purple, satiny shirtdress. ::much sighing, wistful gazes. And how does the devil spurn me this time? I finally find the PERFECT dress, but by that time I had moved on to searching for something else. This dress hadn't shown up in my previous searches because it was plum, not purple (jerks...). And by the time I found it, 10 seconds were left in the auction. Needless to say, I did not get it!

But I did come to the realization that ebay is an evil place! It is a hell, the hell that Dante forgot! Or, you know, didn't exist during his time. Or maybe one of the existing just got a make-over and I didn't receive the memo... Regardless, I hate ebay and Bill Gates invented internet right? So I hate him too.

At least until I decide to sell some stuff on there, possibly in December...

Just not to be all negative, and for your daily dose of randomness, I luv my umbrella. It so pretty!

My outfit: dress- Burlington Coat Factory, belt (matches my earrings;)- Payless, capris- Ross maybe... (Embroidered flowers on them), socks- Target (They have a ladybugs on them), boots- Charlotte Russe, spotted scarf- Thrift Town (Unclear what the dots are... Could be leopard spots, leaves, or just spots.) , umbrella- UC Santa Cruz (Monet print on it.)

Even thinks she's crazy herself,
Ivy Frozen

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Lounge in Trousers.

I don't own a single pair of sweatpants. That's right! Not a single pair! Fashionistas everywhere envy me! Bwahahahaha!

So what do I lounge around in? Well, typically if it's that lazy a day that I'm not even going out, I lounge around in my pajamas. Much cuter than sweatpants. But, for not quite that lazy days, I lounge in trousers. Yes, trousers. I love my trousers! They're much comfier than jeans and look nicer too. They feel so good!

As proof, there's a picture on the left from Saturday where I basically did nothing except overhear my roommates talking about me (I'm not sure if they undstand the concept of quiet). In their favor though, they did say I have cute shoes and didn't exactly say anything mean. Just some of those well meant but highly insulting to the hearer remarks.

I do like stuff like yoga capris though, and I need to get a some nice exercise wear for my runs. Something that's form fitting with a place for keys and a cellphone. I might have to just add a fanny pack of sorts though to carry my stuff.

And for your daily dose of randomness, anyone know who the girl in this:

painting by Christina Robertson (from 1850) looks like? I'm pretty sure it's an actress and I think from a movie. I can just see the girl with the same look as the one in the painting speaking, but can't figure out who it is!

My Outfit: Tiered Top- Walmart, a few years ago. Holding up really well, sometimes the adjusters for the straps dig into the back.

Pants- Ross, My mom hemmed them up but I think I want to let them down again.

Cropped Hoody- JC Penny

Shoes- Wedge Jellies from Lola. Black socks worn.

Necklaces- My dentist's office and Hawaii

Painting from:

Feeling Lazy,

Ivy Frozen

Monday, November 13, 2006

On Style

Perhaps continuing my lovely versus thing I got going on, today is about style vs. fashion. (Post has nothing to do with the fact that I just found a bunch more cool sites today and I'll probably be adding some more links soon.)

First, on style, I ask you to check out Street Fashion: Life in Fashion Form. Scroll down to the weekly tip and read "Style is a Way of Life." While that's nothing new to me, they hook it all together so nicely. I'll quote the thing here since I'm not sure if (or when) they'll change it.

"Style is the way you put together clothes and make them represent who you are and how you want to portray yourself to the world. Its shouldn't be a matter of fitting in or trying to get attention. Keep in mind what you want to represent.. the music you like.. a way of life. When picking things out.. stop yourself every time you start thinking about what another person will think. If someones making what you want to buy.. you're not alone in your taste. Or maybe you are.. even better."

A lovely way to start out this post, no? But yes, obviously I agree with that sentiment and spread it to the four corners of the world as gospel truth. But, now I shall seemingly veer away from that, although I still support wear-what-you-want, child-like abandon in your dressing. What I wear is certainly not always flattering (although it usually makes up for that in some other way) and it's certainly not required for you to dress in clothes that flatter you, if ya have to wear clothes, you might as well feel good in them, and everybody loves a flattering outfit every now and then. So I present you with this article from Papier Doll. It discusses fashion from the days of old, and how each body type has had its time of being declared the ideal. Even better than that, it demonstrates how to take that knowledge and use it to find looks that flatter your shape. Awesomeness, no?

I have to say I'm very impressed by the articles I saw on Papier Doll. I've been rather bored with magazines lately as I can find everything they have to offer and report online, for free, and usually before I read the magazine. (Reading fashion blogs has tainted me.) In Papier Doll's About Us section, they state that Papier Doll was established to cover what Fashion magazines miss, and I'd have to say they do a great job at it. I'd pay for Papier Doll in hardcopy, although it being online means I don't have to flip through a million pages of adds to find the five pages of actual content.

Now, I'll actually put my tips, for those who trust me. The main thing that makes an outfit work is matching. I'm not talking strictly about colors or patterns here, you can also match thematically. If there are no words to describe a look, it's probably too random. But don't think about that. Get in touch with your inner child and wear what you feel! Contrary to laughing at ya, most people are delighted when they see someone wearing something different. Of course, there are always those close-minded, snarky people who apparently are the grand authority on all and ignore you when not gossiping and laughing about you. Ignore, rock your outfit, and you'll look great!

In the outfit featured in today's post (from last Thursday) I used a mostly warm tone palette with the jeans. Amid the orange, I have creams and whites which hook into the faded jeans. Keeps the look together. A familiar thing with a shorter sleeve top layered over a longer sleeved blouse is made interesting by me using a t-shirt. The scarf adds extra interestingness by giving this street/urban outfit a bit of an outlaw additude.

It would be lovely if I thought of all that while putting the outfit together, but I didn't. It was more like, "I wanna wear this orange top, cause I haven't worn it in a while and I love the skull bunny. I also want to wear a blouse but casualize it down. And I also should wear those capris because I haven't worn them at all and I brought them all the way here with me to college instead of my other capris. ::all pieces visualized in similar roles in different outfits:: Hey! Why don;t I hook them together!" I was actually originally going to where my black granny boots with the capris, but once I had the outfit on, my Happy Shoes seemed a more fitting choice.

My Outfit: Happy Bunny tee- Ummmmm..., blouse- mom, capris- Kohls, happy shoes- Heel and Sole Shoes, Scarf- Thrift Town

Encouraging you to wear what you want,

Ivy Frozen

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Skinny on Skinnies


A lovely commenter wanted to know my opinion on skinnies, given my apparent dislike of them from a comment I made in the post before my last post. That apparent dislike is in fact dislike. And not because of the usual "Oh my God! They're so overdone!" sentiment of many other fashion bloggers (then again, I'm about style, but who really differentiates that in their mind all the time?). No, I oppose them based on how freaken fugly they look on me. Yeah.
I figured my respose to the commenters comment wasn't quite enough, so i decided to expand and illustrate it. This post does echo my sentiments in my reply to the comment for those of you who are lazy like me and don't want to scroll down to the post before the last post and click the comment thing to read it.
So, what's the skinny on skinnies? I don't do them. I have hips and thighs. Chicken legs. Chicken legs and skinny leg jeans don't go together.
Take exhibit left. Those are dark wash, Old Navy straight leg (not even skinny) leg jeans in the right size for me. A size up is too big, a size down too small. Notice how tiny and stubby my legs look compared to the guitarr that makes up the rest of my body, going down to my thighs. Also not that adding the boots over is still not flattering, even if I stuck with black laces in them rather than changing them to white.
Now exhibit right. Much better, much chicer, much happier me. Case closed. No skinnies for me. Skirts rule!
Now, if you want to wear skinnies, be my guest. It's not my place to dictate what you wear. As I mentioned in my reply to the comment, I like them best on skinny girls who lack my thigh meat for that cool rocker chick vibe, though I've seen larger girls rock them too.
The pictures were taken in the Old Navy dressing room. Great clearance going on there and online right now. They have lots of jeans, including bootcut and flares for those of you also opposed to the skinnies, and if you've been coveting their boots, now's the time to act. I personally don't like Old Navy. It's always a trick to find my size, often many sizes bigger or smaller than my usual one. As for the boots, they feel really cheap to me, like plastic, which they probably are made out of. The click they give is unsatisfactory for me, more the tink of plastic hitting the ground than something more solid. If you want boots, I'd head over to Target and get the boots they have on sale right now. They're at about $7.50 at my local store and are in the style of some Lindsay Lohan was spotted wearing, not that I particularly care for Lindsay's style or lack there-of. The boots do get MY SEAL of cuteness though, which I'd rate higher than Lindsay's vote if I were you.
Today's outfit: long sleeve tee and belt- JC Penny, skirt- Sears, tights- Target, boots- Fashionbug, scarf- Walmart, heart pin you can just see under my hand- used to be my Great Grandma's
Chicken Legs,
Ivy Frozen
P.S. I apologize for having to show that picture. I just wanted to make sure we all understood how unflattering the skinny and straight are on me versus something that is flattering. A-line skirts all the way!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Inspiration 3: Street Style

Inspiration is everywear, you uncreative types. I'm sure you creative types don't need me to tell ya that. Nothing is truly original anymore; humans have been around too long for that, but, that doesn't mean you have to be content to follow the same path as everyone else. (Unless, hey, that's what makes ya happy.) In case you couldn't tell, I prefer to dance to the beat of my own drum, so to speak. Or, forget the drum. I'm a string girl with a thing for the guitar, violin, and cello. Yeah. That's what I dance to. As blog things informs me,

Your Hidden Talent

You have the natural talent of rocking the boat, thwarting the system.
And while this may not seem big, it can be.
It's people like you who serve as the catalysts to major cultural changes.
You're just a bit behind the scenes, so no one really notices.

That's me alright. I start things, you all can finish it. So anywho, both of these outfits were inspired by other members of the Wardrobe Remix group over on Flickr. The one on the left was sparked by .Ariel's use of a long skirt as a dress over a top, and the one on the right was inspired by lebonbonmulticolore's and liebemarlene's use of blocked color and vintage pieces (or in any case, a vintage pancil skirt.). Of course, you know I'm not happy with just blocked color.

Turtle Tee

Wardrobe Remix is probably my favorite Street Style site because it's updated regularly, as people upload their own photos, and is very diverse. You get crazy dresser to sophisticated and can tell these people dress a certain way more than once.

My other favorite street fashion sites can be found on the right there, with all the other links. You'd think I'd link some of the Japanese ones with the REALLY crazy dressers, who put me to shame as I secretly salivate over their gutsy Lolita and, well, no words to describe fashions, but the need to install a language pack to avoid getting computer dribble annoys me, so I leave those meager offerings. Hel-Looks is a particular favorite, although it's not updated as often as The Sartorialist and Facehunter. (Hint: Those are my top three.)

I actually spent some time translating the French comments on one of the Facehunter posts, as it looked like it was getting ugly about the cute Asian-French girl with the awesomest boots. Okay, so actually, I was wondering if any of them knew where those boots had come from, but it was still fun to see how bad online automatic translator thingies are. You practically need a translator for the translator. But on-topic, I like the fun of Facehunter's shots. Also, since his tend to be from parties, you get fun outfits. Fun = Ivy like!

The Sartorialist is another favorite since he posts pictures of dapper gentleman and goes for the more refined aesthetic, while still remaining street-smart about it. Plus, I always enjoy seeing a well dressed man. (My best friend is already picking out the suits her fictional future beau will where.) And double plus, I enjoy learning random things, like the formula for the perfect male suit outfits. Okay, it might not be a formula, but it's still way more constricting than female fashions. I find it interesting how woman seem to have way more freedom in so many areas than men. (Think hippie chic, which is really only attainable by a woman.) It seems guys are forced to keep to certain pre-approved/packaged looks, including the whole anti-sociatal look. But hey, some guys still manage to break these lame sociatal holds, though I'd still say women do it more. Perhaps because there's more of us?

Outfit on Left: Skirt worn as dress- Burlington Coat Factory (had tacky little rocks sewn onto the band so I cut them off)
brown puff sleeve blouse- Kohls (it does a weird riding up thing with the buttons even though it's in no danger of being small on me.)
goldy nude slip (you can see it under the shirt)- Thrift Town
grey tights- JC Penny (they're holding up REALLY well)brown wrap boots- JC Penny
Feather hair clip fascinator- Taissa Lada Designs on Ebay (Really great shop with great prices, pieces, and service. They sent this clip and another free with the fascinator I ordered!)

Outfit on the Right: scarf- Old Navy
blue turtle tee- Sears
rose v neck tunic worn backwards- Kohls
pencil skirt- ARC Thrift Store
Shoes- JC Penny
Belt- Thrift Town

Taking it to the streets,
Ivy Frozen

P.S. Bonus: Why my name is Ivy Frozen.
You Play it Cool

You're not in your face, smokin' hot... and it's all by design
You have a carefully crafted cool persona, leaving everyone wanting to know just a little more.

Well, part of it anyways...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

On to the Movements!

Yes, I live in my own world on this lovely iceberg. And is this world, pretty much anything I say goes. Yeah, that's right. I've mentioned several things that are particular in this world, such as Movements. Discussing them seemed a natural follow up to my last post or two.

Movement the First: Narcissism.

I think I mentioned this in a reply to an anonymous who thought they were clever by pointing out I'm self-centered. (Mini Rant: If you can't tell this blog is about me being self centered by a glance, then you're either a) blind, b)running a little slow that day, c)just slow in general, d) extremely optimistic, or d) all of the above.) If you can't be self-centered in your own blog, where can you be? Next ypu'll tell me I can't bitch to my friends or cook in my own kitchen.

But this is about the Narcissism movement, not harassing people who took the time to comment, which I sincerely do appreciate. Even if it's not all cotton candy and pink bunnies for me. Of course, I do prefer all comments to be positive. (That does not mean it has to be kudos for me. Constructive critisism follows under this vein too. I can take it. I'm on a writing site.) Really only comments like "You/your blog sux!" are not particularly welcome simply because they're so hard to take seriously. Phrases like that just bring images of some angsty fourteen year old, sitting in front of they're computer screen, and apparently taking the time to read a bunch of stuff they don't like and then spending even more time to type out "You suck!" to the person (oh! I'm sorry. "You suk") to the person, then laughing histerically because it's just that funny. Yeah. See my point? Particualrly because said people seem to like to remain anonymous. Forget prank phone calls and doorbell ditch! Leaving hate comments on blogs and personal websites is the new thing!

But I digress again. That really has nothing to do with the commentors here, but rather some comments I've observed on other blogs. But, The Narcissism Movement. (a writer's best friend!) tells us that nacissism means "an exceptional interest in and admiration for yourself." That is what I strive for and promote. Now, no need to take it to to the levels of Narcissus, our arrogant man of Greek myth fame who drowned himself when he fell in love with his own reflection by curse of Aphrodite, but the Narcissism movement is all about liking yourself, thinking that it's okay to like yourself, it's okay to state that you are beautiful, it's okay to be "imperfect," and existing outside of other's opinions of you. Not a bad thing to promote, yo? It also emphasizing having fun with it, so you don't become intolerably arrogant.


Emperor Hotohori of Fushigi Yûgi. I don't think he's actually in the book I linked there, but it's the first one and you should always start at the beginning in a series. Unless you don't want to. Nuriko also has some of that Narcissism Pride going on. I won't ruin the fun and reveal what previous post, er, she relates to. (The main character, Miaka, can be annoying but it's worth checking out both the manga and anime.)

Marquis de Sade. He might have a bad reputation for being oversexed, but really he was doing the same stuff as everyone else. He just didn't feel the need to hide it. He also refused to compromise himself because "everyone else" disapproved. Narcissism idol! And rather entertaining. I recommend reading the timeline biography offered there (such as how he managed to escape being beheaded during the French Recolution) and his letters from prison that are translated on the site I linked for him.

Cher. I'm sure you're all familiar with her, so no link. And, you know you miss her on the red carpet. It's just not the same without her crazy costumes. She gets a lot of smack talked about her, but she doesn't let that deter her from doing what she wants or lower her self esteem. (At least for long.) Lover her or hate her, she's a narcissism movement idol!

Tori Amos. Come on, you knew she was going to make this list. She too does what she wants and has a very loyal fan following because of it. Check out her crazy dance. (Off topic once more, I put a song of hers on my mp3 player, which is not an ipod, and listened to it a few times, thinking it was the recorded version. I happened to glance at my player when it was playing one time and saw that I had accidently put the live version on! Now that's talent that I couldn't tell the difference.)

Most of the ladies on the Women-Worshipped-By-Gay-Men-Part-1 and Women Worshipped By Gay Men, Part 2. I'm sure y'all know who's not. *cough* Anna Nicole Smith. *cough* I'm pretty sure she doesn't understand our movement here.

Got someone who you think I should list as a Narcissism Movement idol, leave a comment with who and why so that they can properly be declared a Narcissism Movement idol (because they'll know and care so much.)


Mother Theresa

Movement the Second: Naturalism

The Naturalism Movement is all about being natural. It works with the Narcissism Movement, but is not a requirement necessarily of the Narcissism Movement. The Naturalism MOvement is about going natural. Simple. No fuss. Typically kind of peaceful. An acceptance of self as beautiful.

There are several ways to observe, but most importantly is no plastic surgery type of stuff. Also, pounds of make-up don't fly. Likewise for wearing ridiculously impracticle and/or painful items. I observe it by not wearing make-up, shunning plastic surgery for myself, and not dyeing my hair. Shakira observes it with her simpler look and "fresh-faced" make-up. There is no need to go "femi-nazi hippie" to observe the Naturalism Movement. Respecting the environment wouldn't hurt you though.

Saturday's (1st) Outfit: vest- mom from 70s (another of my fav pieces from her), cropped blue hoody- JC Penny, Skirt worn as shirt- Ross, Capris- Ross or Marshalls. (They have flower vines embroidered on them. No skinny jeans for me! I just pull my socks up!), Boots and plaid headband- Charlotte Russe, Scarf- Old Navy
Monday's (2nd)Outfit: dress- mom from 70s, cropped hoody- JC Penny, belt- Thrift Town, skirt- India, cowboy boots- Charlotte Russe

Ever Moving,
Ivy Frozen

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Issues


So, I promised to weigh in on the issues.

Issue #1: Fashion and Weight

First, I direct you to our Lord and Master Foamy.

In the world, I believe skinny people are taking a lot of undeserved hate. Cries of "they're unhealthy!", "Anarexic," etc. are bandied about them like they have no feelings. Yet, apparently it's okay to be just as, if not more, unhealthily over weight. Anyone who comments on over-weight people are treated like they wore Nazi symbols.

In regards to walking the catwalk, I believe the catwalks should feature healthy models of various weights and body types. This applies only, however, if the models are also role models. Otherwise, who am I to dictate what can or cannot be on the catwalk. If this really was so horribly distasteful, I don't have to watch. If others did the same, designers who wanted to sell clothes more than they wanted to have skinny modals for them would appease the masses.

I would be very impressed by a designer who did manage this ideal, representing the average, tall, short, thinner and more curvaceous. It would take a lot of talent. I might be as dedicated to said designer as I am to Tori Amos.

Issue #2: Using Nazi Symbols

Don't design your clothes to resemble Ku Klux Klan robes or otherwise reference that group. Don't design t-shirts that attack some race or religious group of people. And don't design your clothes with Nazi symbols. Native Americans, who used the swastika as more of a peace sign, agreed to stop using the symbol in their basket weaving. Now this stuff is old craft that predates Hitler, has nothing to do with Hitler, and everything to do with them. Yet, they could stop using it. Why? Because no matter what you see it as, much of the world sees it as a reminder of the cruelty we're all capable of. So don't use it! Be a creative designer and find a better way to convey what you mean/want.

In short, brush the Nike-wearing devil off your shoulder and Don't Do It!

Issue (or non-issue) #3: Dove's Add Campaign

I'm sure you've all seen Dove's Dove does it for the money. Okay. Dove's image is pure, unfussy, natural. Kind of like what it's latest add campaign is supporting. That's not to say that the adds are bad; I like the message. But they do it for the money. They are not some great, savior brand. Just wanna make sure we all know that while we coo over the add.

I actually think the woman looks better before they alter her at all. She looks a little scary to me at the end. Of course, I also think the girls of the Pussycat Dolls look scary on this cover, especially the lead singer. Her thighs are bigger than her waist. It's like she was pieced together.

Yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of airbrushing. It's horribly misleading, and negative for both the person airbrushed and the people taking this as an actual image of the person. It must be disappointing to see someone so airbrushed in real life, and kind of "I can't be beautiful unless I'm airbrushed" for the person being airbrushed. You know? has a great article on airbrushing.

And now,

My hands are clean

My hands are clean and I'm done being the Know-it-All for today. Join me next time, like maybe tommorrow, to see

First Outfit from Thursday:
swing jacket- Lola
check tent pinafore dress- made by me
green shirt dress (under. You can see the colar and sleeves)- Punky Style
green tights- T.J. Maxx
Cowboy Boots- Charlotte Russe

Second Outfit from Friday:
swing jacket - Lola
dress- ARC Thrift Store
white skirt (under and making my hips wider as it has pockets)- mom from 70s
boots- Fashion Bug
Belt- JC Penny
fuzzy scarf- knit by my friend for me
lacy scarf worn as headband- Kohls

Curds and Weighed,

Ivy Frozen

Friday, November 03, 2006

Shakira, Shakira

It be November! A lot of music award shows going on, the Latin Grammys and MTV awards. I think the people of the world unite in saying, "Shut up, Kanye." Apparently, the credibility of the Europe VMAs was ruined because he didn't win best video for "Touch the Sky." I watched the video. I was bored. The only part of any real note was when the song stopped playing in the middle and Joan from Girlfriends (I forget her real name... She's Diana Ross's daughter though, no?) was yelling at him. That was awesome. The rest was him walking around like he was so awesome with Pamela Anderson pouting. Real best video material there.

Maybe some of you find it more interesting than I do.

But now that we started off with some negativity, time to spread some positivity! We've got to stay balanced here! So, on the Europe VMAs, I was pleased to see Red Hot Chilli Peppers take best album and Muse take best alternative.

But, that's not the only recent awards show! We have the Latin grammys where my dad is very happy that Puerto Ricans seem to have dominated. But, the real dominator was not Puerto Rican, but I love her so it's okay. Yes, Shakira's hips certainly didn't lie as she shook them to earn four grammys. So today, we give Shakira mas love because she's more worth talking about than that guy I mentioned first in this post.

I've always had a certain like for Shakira, but the scantily clad, crawling in the mud image she had with her first English album kind of turned me off. However, with her two part album she came out with a fresher, simpler image which I adore! She looks so much happier and prettier without the pounds of make-up, blindingly gold locks, and trashy ripped costumes. Really! Check out MSN's Gallery and see. She may be smiling in those old pictures, but her smile permeates in the more current photos of her.

I also like her choice to go with the honey brown for her hair in this time when all the blonde celebs are going brunette. It's much better than that chocolate brown that girls A through Z and their mothers are sporting. (Lindsay Lo, Hilary Duff anyone?) It's a hard color to pull off, but few seem to realize that...

Anywho, luv (That's L-U-V not L-O-V-E) to Shakira and Naturalism on her part. It's beautiful! I love the article I read about her, a coupke months ago, about her at a photoshoot. She put on a robe or something to do the interview (she was in a bikini for the shoot) because she didn't want people thinking she went around in ab-bearing tops all the time; she just did that because it's kind of a requirement for bellydancing and thus her performance. I just think that's so cute. (Condescending, who me?) Anywho, luv for Shakira! And luv for the top she's wearing in the photo (from the MSN Gallery) that I posted here. And luv for that necklace with that neckline. I dig how she toughened up the feminine top with studs on the belt and cuff thingy. If you can't tell from my lovely skull with the bow up there in the about me section, I love a contrast between feminine, soft and something considered tougher, darker, harder.

Stay tuned for my next post shall connect back to this one (naturalism) as I weigh in on the issues going around the fashion world and blogasphere.

My outfit: Dress- Vintage Amore (Check my online vintage links on the right there. A lot of cool stuff coming in this shop all the time.)
3/4 sleeve tunic (under), came with scarf worn as headband- Kohls (I like the color on me alot...)
Green Belt- Thrift Town
Gray thigh highs- Wet Seal
Boots- Charlotte Russe
Earrings- H&M (They have nickel free, woot!)

My hips don't lie either,
Ivy Frozen

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Me and Betsey Johnson

Two words and an exclamation point: Bloomers rock! I'm in love with the bloomers I wore as part of my Halloween costume and kind of like them with the black long sleeve tee. I should try a tunic over them!

Apparently, I'm not the only one in love with bloomers. I heard Betsey Johnson, a designer close to my heart, had sent some down her runway. So I had to hunt down some pics, which proved to be futile. Really, finding some pictures of her Spring/Summer '07 collection shouldn't have been so hard. I can't remember where I saw the bloomers, but I saw them! Betsey and I are on the same wavelength in regards to that! (BTW, it's Betsey Johnson, not to be confused with Betsy Johnson who wants you to elect her for something or other.)

Betsey Johnson is the first designer I ever heard of. I was but an innocent babe when she made a guest appearance on some show. Perhaps it was Full House? In any case, I've had a special spot for her ever sense. Her fun, flirty, girly styles are very me! And I love her color! And just how she'd cartwheel down that catwalk. Fun woman and fun clothes equals love for me. She makes happy clothes for happy people.

Of course, I have been dressing a little more Prada-esque. (They were the ones with the huge helmet hats in their Fall/Winter '06 collection, no?)

I selected a more ladylike hat from Walmart though. (Walmart! Awesome hats at awesome prices! Go, now!) This outfit is from last Saturday, official Halloween Party Day over here. I wanted to buy this black hat with this huge mesh fan on it, but it went so tall, I wouldn't be comfortable wearing the hat anytime but costume time. So I got this green baby instead with beaded flowers and a more modest mesh bow. Trust I'll be wearing this around.

This dress I wore on Monday is also getting some inspiration from the designers. (Or perhaps the stylist...) I saw a photo editorial on what's (supposedly) new for fall and they had a draped dress similar to this one, except this one looks much better. The one from the Donna Karen collection in the magazine looked like a sheet knotted together and conveniently cut to make the neckline. The model wore it with some blue converse All Stars. Sometime in the future (when it's not raining) I'll try this dress with some sneakers.

My Outfits: 1st Outfit: bloomers- Thrift Queen, Long sleeve black tee- Target (don't like the fit in the shoulders, but needed something.), Shoes- Heel and Sole Shoes.

2nd Outfit:dress- ebay, belt- mom's from 70s/80s, Tights- Target, Shoes- MIA @ Kohls ($5! I added the ribbons), gloves- Thrifted, Hat- Walmart

3rd Outfit: dress- mom from 70s, Long sleeve tee- JC Penny, Scarf Belt- Forever 21, Slip (under)- Thrift Queen, Footless Tights- Wet Seal (cheap. Already have a whole in the bum.), Bangles- India

Betsey J. &,

Ivy Frozen

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween! It's one of my favorite holidays (gee? I wonder why?) . You know I could not resist dressing up even if it's just to my classes. I was an ostrich this year, and hopefuly I'll improve the costume by next year. It's a ballet interpretation of the Ostrich, inspired by one of my favorite films, Fantasia. Great music and animation? The original music video. It's a great piece of film that certainly gets my spark going.

I pinned the boa to the long sleeved tee. I got the idea from a number from Swan Lake I saw performed on the Arts Showcase. I'm addicted to the channel currently as it's one of the few good channels I get here at college. The other is Discovery and the CW on weeknights.

Speaking of the CW, am I the only one annoyed by the whole "aerie by American Eagle" discussion thingy they do on Gilmore Girls? I mean, the girls make pretty obvious observations about the show and then they all act like the statements are so deep and insightful? I guess that's why I don't have many good friends my age... Ugh, I also hate that "My Life as a Covergirl" thing they put on during America's Next Top model. When they first started it, I was interested in it. I thought it would actually show their life. Imagine my disappointment that it was just a commercial, and a bad one at that, for Covergirl. Perhaps it's not so bad as it does make sure to get their name out there, but its annoyingly followed by another commercial for Covergirl.

But all that is beside the point. Hmm... What was it again? Oh yes! The Arts showcase and Swan Lake. Well, the ballerinas in it had some white furry things that resembled a thin, furry kind of boa attached to their arms. Much more graceful than the way I did it; it draped on them. But, the ostrich is a bit sturdier than a swan, no? Also, they wore white feather headbands. I'm thinking I should havebought the black and white feather headband I saw at the e-bay shop where I got my fascinator. The thing I have is hard to keep on my head. It would stay better if I put my hair up, probably. But, I do have to say I got it for cheap and the seller included two extra hairclips/pins. And it's holding up nicely, especially considering my abuse of it.

Check out the shop, Taissa Lada Designs . Some gorgeous pieces in there, though they're not for the meek. She has some headbands just like the ones I saw in the Swan Lake ballet number and some very Seussian creations. Perfect for any costume parties and Halloween for next year! In addition, many of her auctions start dirt cheap at $.99! That's right! I saw feather pins at a store around here, not half the size or awesomeness of the designs in this shop, selling for like $35! I got my stuff for around $7 I think, due to someone bidding against me and driving the price up right before they would have overtaken my cheap self too. So for those of you who covet such things as these, go forth and bid! Don't let the call to Drag Queens throw you off. No one will mistake you for a drag queen just because you're wearing something from that e-bay shop. (I'm so going to go on a spree there when I actually have a job and thus money! Of course, there's all those other things I covet...)

My Costume:

fascinator and feather pin- ebay

Corset top- Forever 21 (I wouldn't recommend it if you have hips like me, as it rides up to my much smaller waist and ruins the shape of the boneing.)

Blac cami w/ lace trim- ??? Some little shop

Long sleeve tee & feather boa- Target (don't dig the fit in the shoulders) I'm pleasantly surprised by the boa though, as it came in some plactic baggy packaging and looked really squished, but it came out nice and full.

Tutu and bloomers- Thrift Queen

Fishnet Thigh Highs- Hot Topic

Shoes- Ebay

bag- Tara Jarmon for Target

The other graphic was done completely by me in Paint Shop Pro X.

I luff Feathers,

Ivy Frozen

Friday, October 27, 2006

I luv the 90s!

I'm not quite sure what 90s trend I'm supporting here, grunge or miniskirts? It's enough to make Cher Horowitz's head spin! But, speaking of random like, I love Tori Amos even more than the 90s.

It all started with the radio. I heard her single, A Sorta Fairytale, and liked it. So, when I saw the CD at my library, I decided to check it out. It was free anyways. Love! Then I saw her perform live on the Wayne Brady Show (who I also love! He's so talented. Funny and he can sing and make up songs on the spot!) and became a true fan. She is amazing live! She's the only artist that I may like better live. Most artists sound better in their recordings, often with their live voice being hard to recognize as the one on the album. But Tori has an amazing stage voice and presense and her voice is the same beautiful one on the record, often put through even more beautiful sounds in the live versions of the song.

Now, many put criticize her as being a little random, but really, I could listen to her babble on about nothing all day. Her voice is just so powerful and beautiful. But, if she wasn't wonderful enough as is, her songs are packed with meaningful lyrics and images. Tori's got a song for everything. And they don't all sound alike. She has so many different sounds and none of her songs really blend into each other, like other artists.

So why am I posting about her here? I waqs watching her on youtube yesterday (which certainly did not influence today's outfit...), so I give you two youtube videos of Tori that do in fact relate to the subject matter of this blog, unclear as the subject matter is. It's a live version of the song Crucify and also the video for it.

The music video for the song has some interesting images. At one point she holds up a pair a heels. Is that a form of crucifying ourselves? She also sports kind of an old style collar at one point. Is she saying fashion is a form of crucifying ourselves? Interesting to think about. Also, she hops in a tub with an expensive looking dress on and looks so much happier when she comes out all wet! Also, the little dancing/marching/cheerleading Toris at the end look so much happier since they ditched the heels.

In the live version, I love her outfit. It's so flowy and looks magnificent on her, as she sits at the piano. It drapes so nicely! Also, it fits with the song as she plays it. (Also, pay attention at the end for an awesome addition to song for this live version. Just the emotion as she references her rape. Powerful woman. I could never do something like that onstage, for hundreds possibly thousands of people to see.)

Today's Outfit: plaid shirt- Charlotte Russe, Long sleeve tee and boots- JC Penny,Miniskirt- Forever 21 (1st thing I ever bought from there.),Tights and Scarf- Walmart

Luv Tori,

Ivy Frozen