Thursday, March 20, 2008

Still Alive

I think I'm ready to start posting here again. I had blogger problems, then internet and computer and basically just got really annoyed and frustrated and thus stopped the posting. Plus, I've been working on a not really secret but still kinda secret project that will coincide with this change. I will probably jump ship to a new blog since I want a new name for the blog and a new look that will make me happier, and I hope you all will like it too. (and a much better address) Rest assured, the new blog will pretty much be the same as this blog only prettier. And actually updated a regular-like basis.

I am back and brimming with stuff to share with you all, and I think I've figured out more what I like and what I don't and how I want my blog to go. So stay tuned for the new link.

Only moving forward, dahling, never backwards,
Ivy Frozen