Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween! It's one of my favorite holidays (gee? I wonder why?) . You know I could not resist dressing up even if it's just to my classes. I was an ostrich this year, and hopefuly I'll improve the costume by next year. It's a ballet interpretation of the Ostrich, inspired by one of my favorite films, Fantasia. Great music and animation? The original music video. It's a great piece of film that certainly gets my spark going.

I pinned the boa to the long sleeved tee. I got the idea from a number from Swan Lake I saw performed on the Arts Showcase. I'm addicted to the channel currently as it's one of the few good channels I get here at college. The other is Discovery and the CW on weeknights.

Speaking of the CW, am I the only one annoyed by the whole "aerie by American Eagle" discussion thingy they do on Gilmore Girls? I mean, the girls make pretty obvious observations about the show and then they all act like the statements are so deep and insightful? I guess that's why I don't have many good friends my age... Ugh, I also hate that "My Life as a Covergirl" thing they put on during America's Next Top model. When they first started it, I was interested in it. I thought it would actually show their life. Imagine my disappointment that it was just a commercial, and a bad one at that, for Covergirl. Perhaps it's not so bad as it does make sure to get their name out there, but its annoyingly followed by another commercial for Covergirl.

But all that is beside the point. Hmm... What was it again? Oh yes! The Arts showcase and Swan Lake. Well, the ballerinas in it had some white furry things that resembled a thin, furry kind of boa attached to their arms. Much more graceful than the way I did it; it draped on them. But, the ostrich is a bit sturdier than a swan, no? Also, they wore white feather headbands. I'm thinking I should havebought the black and white feather headband I saw at the e-bay shop where I got my fascinator. The thing I have is hard to keep on my head. It would stay better if I put my hair up, probably. But, I do have to say I got it for cheap and the seller included two extra hairclips/pins. And it's holding up nicely, especially considering my abuse of it.

Check out the shop, Taissa Lada Designs . Some gorgeous pieces in there, though they're not for the meek. She has some headbands just like the ones I saw in the Swan Lake ballet number and some very Seussian creations. Perfect for any costume parties and Halloween for next year! In addition, many of her auctions start dirt cheap at $.99! That's right! I saw feather pins at a store around here, not half the size or awesomeness of the designs in this shop, selling for like $35! I got my stuff for around $7 I think, due to someone bidding against me and driving the price up right before they would have overtaken my cheap self too. So for those of you who covet such things as these, go forth and bid! Don't let the call to Drag Queens throw you off. No one will mistake you for a drag queen just because you're wearing something from that e-bay shop. (I'm so going to go on a spree there when I actually have a job and thus money! Of course, there's all those other things I covet...)

My Costume:

fascinator and feather pin- ebay

Corset top- Forever 21 (I wouldn't recommend it if you have hips like me, as it rides up to my much smaller waist and ruins the shape of the boneing.)

Blac cami w/ lace trim- ??? Some little shop

Long sleeve tee & feather boa- Target (don't dig the fit in the shoulders) I'm pleasantly surprised by the boa though, as it came in some plactic baggy packaging and looked really squished, but it came out nice and full.

Tutu and bloomers- Thrift Queen

Fishnet Thigh Highs- Hot Topic

Shoes- Ebay

bag- Tara Jarmon for Target

The other graphic was done completely by me in Paint Shop Pro X.

I luff Feathers,

Ivy Frozen

Friday, October 27, 2006

I luv the 90s!

I'm not quite sure what 90s trend I'm supporting here, grunge or miniskirts? It's enough to make Cher Horowitz's head spin! But, speaking of random like, I love Tori Amos even more than the 90s.

It all started with the radio. I heard her single, A Sorta Fairytale, and liked it. So, when I saw the CD at my library, I decided to check it out. It was free anyways. Love! Then I saw her perform live on the Wayne Brady Show (who I also love! He's so talented. Funny and he can sing and make up songs on the spot!) and became a true fan. She is amazing live! She's the only artist that I may like better live. Most artists sound better in their recordings, often with their live voice being hard to recognize as the one on the album. But Tori has an amazing stage voice and presense and her voice is the same beautiful one on the record, often put through even more beautiful sounds in the live versions of the song.

Now, many put criticize her as being a little random, but really, I could listen to her babble on about nothing all day. Her voice is just so powerful and beautiful. But, if she wasn't wonderful enough as is, her songs are packed with meaningful lyrics and images. Tori's got a song for everything. And they don't all sound alike. She has so many different sounds and none of her songs really blend into each other, like other artists.

So why am I posting about her here? I waqs watching her on youtube yesterday (which certainly did not influence today's outfit...), so I give you two youtube videos of Tori that do in fact relate to the subject matter of this blog, unclear as the subject matter is. It's a live version of the song Crucify and also the video for it.

The music video for the song has some interesting images. At one point she holds up a pair a heels. Is that a form of crucifying ourselves? She also sports kind of an old style collar at one point. Is she saying fashion is a form of crucifying ourselves? Interesting to think about. Also, she hops in a tub with an expensive looking dress on and looks so much happier when she comes out all wet! Also, the little dancing/marching/cheerleading Toris at the end look so much happier since they ditched the heels.

In the live version, I love her outfit. It's so flowy and looks magnificent on her, as she sits at the piano. It drapes so nicely! Also, it fits with the song as she plays it. (Also, pay attention at the end for an awesome addition to song for this live version. Just the emotion as she references her rape. Powerful woman. I could never do something like that onstage, for hundreds possibly thousands of people to see.)

Today's Outfit: plaid shirt- Charlotte Russe, Long sleeve tee and boots- JC Penny,Miniskirt- Forever 21 (1st thing I ever bought from there.),Tights and Scarf- Walmart

Luv Tori,

Ivy Frozen

Oh no!

Oh no! I forgot to post on ANTM! ::spoiler alert for those who have yet to see this weeks episode::

This week got me excited because I have random like for Dita von Teese. Extremely random. I have no idea why I like her, but I do. I mean, she does Burlesque shows; you'd think I'd be as indifferent to her as I am to Pamela Anderson, and yet I feel that such a comparison is like comparing an apple and a banana. Dita does do some, urm, stuff sure not to appear in a Disney flick anytime soon, but she carries herself in such a ladylike way that it bears no comparison to the likes of Pam Anderson and Paris Hilton.

Oh! And did you see those models standing near her? She was tiny compared to them! I read some where that she's my size, though slightly smaller in the chest area (I have yet to verify it though. I think it was wikipedia...). Anywho, if she really is my size, I feel very tiny. I mean, she was standing next to them in heels and she still looked child-sized.

As for the other guest celebrity, Fabio, I don't have random like for him. Or any like. I associate him with old women, and his face reminds me of a Mastiff. Just watch when he opens his mouth. Feel free to bestow random like on him if that's your thing. I will say he's got a nice body and seemed to have a nice personality. Friendly guy. I suppose he has to be with dimestore romance novel reading women chasing him all the time. So, he gets more like than I had before for him, and I apologize to him for laughing when I heard that his nose was broken by a bird when it smacked into his face when he was riding a rollercoaster way back when.

As for the elimination of the night, I have no opionion, really. Brooke always faded into the background for me. The fact that she got so much airtime this issue, with her graduation and Fabio talking about her being so young kinda tipped off that she was going home. Oh well. They all end up models anyways.

As for my outfit, feeling a little Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls with all the blue. Fitting for this post as everyone was talking about Brooke being the youngest and inexperienced. Not my most flattering outfit, but that's never stopped me before when I wanna wear something. But actually, the pants do make my butt look nice...

Thursday's Outfit: swing jacket- Lola, Corset tank- Ross, Capris- Forever 21 (gadzooks), socks- Walmart, flats- JC Penny, scarf bow- off pants from Kohls, Belt- somewhere... (old), Pocket watch necklace- Thrift Town

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Influences 2: Books

Today, looks from Monday and Wednesday.

Wednesday's outfit was inspired by Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter. It's a series of books by Laurell K. Hamilton. (The first five rock; after that it starts going downhill.) I finished re-reading the first three books in the series on Tuesday, plus the comic book came out recently. The books feature a vampire named Jean-Claude, and I wanna raid his closet.

See, supposedly most readers want him out of his clothes for a very, erm, shall we say "triple X" reason. I, on the other hand, want him out of his clothes so I can wear them. Lace! French cuffs! Thigh high black leather boots! He can keep his little peek-a-boo shirts, but imagine really, really old French shirts! In silk! Pure awesomeness, that's what. The outfit on the right there was inspired by that series.

I must also mention that I want his bathroom. HUGE bathroom. Perfect for me, for I, like him, spend a good amount of time in the shower. (Half an hour to an hour showers.) Yeah, I need a good hour to get ready for anything. And I want his bed too since it's huge. Imagine what a great trampoline it would make! And I want his house because it has a circus in it, and it's not Michael Jackson-y in any way. I'd mattress surf down the oddly-spaced stairs. Yes, I am a book person and a little fan-girlish about that series.

The other outfit on the left there is from Monday and it reminds me of Harry Potter. Ignoring the fact that Hogwarts does not exist outside of JK Rowling's mind and the pages of the books and movies, I'd probably still be tossed out of the school for not having a British accent. Or, you know, totally ignoring the random and stifling dress code a.k.a school uniforms. Take a bunch of money so they can kidnap your kids and dorwn them is their classmate fails to swim to them in time... Really, that last movie was horrible.

Yeah, so I don't read Harry Potter. You'd think it would be up my ally, but Harry really just annoys me. I think it's all the overkill advertising. Every store, even if they didn't sell books, had special bookshelves set up just to sell Harry Potter. I mean freakin Payless had a few shelves. I think I saw some at Neiman Marcus too. Okay, so I'm exaggerating, but really, the books were everywhere. They were like jean miniskirts worn with black leggings and uggs.

So, my outfit reminds me of Harry Potter, but like I'm the cool kid at the school who would beat up and torture Harry Potter much better than that annoying albino kid what's-his-name. And now that you all hate me for talking smack about a fictional character who got a thumderbolt scar on his forehead from having a stick pointed at him and who's arch nemesis is an Imhotep from The Mummy wannabe, who Harry beat to a pulp as an innocent babe, armed with nothing but his mother's love, which is not at all cheap writing and a more than a little corny, I end my post.

My Outfits: Right: black button up lace shirt- Target, blue w/ white polka dots corset top- Papaya, knickers- Marshalls or Ross..., brown houndstooth flats w/ velvet bows and black lace flowers- JC Penny, belt w/ Nordic dragon- off jeans from a discount store... Family Bargain Center? I think..., freshwater pearl necklace- Hawaii, lacy scarf bow- off jean capris from Kohls. Left: sweater- mom from 70s/80s, button up shirt (underneath)- Mervyns, Skirt (came with the leopard print belt)- Marshalls, Tights and flats- JC Penny

A Book Person,
Ivy Frozen

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I love shoes...

So, I shall support Zappos today. They have a lovely "save UP TO 50% on clearance" merchandise going on. I rather think that's ongoing, though. (Don't let them fool you!) I'm presenting some lovely shoes from there I'd love to buy if I had that much money to spend on shoes. All the shoes come in a variety of widths, from narrow (for my feet!) to wide, and possibly double wide. They also have good reviews for comfort, etc. on the site. I've heard nothing but good about Zappos, despite the fact that you use the "up to % off trick," trying to convince me that there's a 50% off sale going on. I won't hold it against them, though

These are hot in bronze and comfortable from what the reviews say. In the small picture, I thought the vinyl with rhinestones was piano keys, which would have made these erfect. (Hint to any shoe designers out there. Maybe I should become one, and make pretty shoes like these but with piano keys instead of vinyl.) Anywho, these are still cute and come in many other colors.

These are also cute with good confort ratings. I just wish they came in more colors. Their rasberry is a little too close to pink for my backlash against the oppressive color to handle. But they're so cute...

These have mixed reviews on their comfort, but they're really cute so I'm posting them here anyways. They come in a bunch of awesome colors; this color combo just caught my eye at the moment. The grey pair is hot too.

And only three today, because, well, my computer and blogspot say so. Click on the pictures to go to the shoe's page.

Tuesday's Outfit: shirt- mom (from her grandma or grandma), Shorts- Tara Jarmon for Target, Tights (fishnet with flowers) and suede wrap boots- JC Penny, Belt- off thrifted dress, neck tie- off jean capris from Kohls


Ivy Frozen

Monday, October 23, 2006

Influences 1: Music

My weekend outfits, influenced by the middle East. In fact, the skirt in the picture on the right is from India. I've been listening to a lot of Enigma lately, the MX somethen or other album, you know with Sadeness and Mea Culpa. My favorite song is Knocking on Forbidden Doors though. It has an awesome rythm! I do like the breathing used as rhythm in Mea Culpa though too. It doesn't cross into that "okay, are they having a freaken' orgasm?" territory. (BTW, I have a random like of the Marquis de Sade. I respect that he refused to change himself for society, and the way he fit in so well despite their claims that he fit out. His letters are also hilarious, and kind of sad. Gotta feel for the poor guy. Check out some English translations here.)

I've also been listening to Era (Volare Mezze or somethen') and E Nomine. They all have names that start with "E" and play that kind of chant/trance/dance music. Very spiritual, and puts me in a very zen place. Enya doesn't do it for me; she's a little too slow. My computer graphics teacher loves her and told me that she uses Waltz timing for all her songs. Yeah, it shows. It's too slow and not interesting enough to spark my mind the way these other "E" groups do.

They've also sparked my writing. I might finally be working on the piece I'll finish. (When I write fiction, I typically start 3-5 stories for every 1 I actually finish. That one takes the stuff I like from the stuff I started and combines it together.) I'm just not sure if I like the main character's name. "Akina" (Aki for short) is the best name I could find that suited her. She wears a red kimono under a black, leather trench coat with black ballet flats that wrap up her legs. She wears a black corset in place of an obi belt. That's what my mind put her in, anyways for this first part. (She just got back from a business trip to Japan.) Of course, as she's a very active character, I'm not quite sure how practical that outfit is for her... I think she keeps it rather looser than it sounds. Did I mention she was buying porn as a gift to freak out her friend, a preppy vampire who faints at the sight of blood? Yeah, Akina's tons of fun.

My Outfits: Left: Black halter- JC PennyCream Cami (under)- LolaSkirt- Burlington Coat FactorySlip- mom (from 70s)Shoes- Kohls ($7 clearance)Belt- Forever 21. It's tied in a big bow in the back. Right: swing jacket- Lolablack tank- TargetSkirt- IndiaShoes- JC PennyBelt- off thrifted dress

Ivy Frozen

Friday, October 20, 2006

Robin Hood: Men in Skirts

It's no secret that I love my skirts! They're perfect for bipolar weather and going from outside to inside classrooms, which tend to be either hot or cold. On the left, you have my outfit from Thursday and on the right I'm wearing today's outfit. Both skirts were perfect for transitioning from the freezing mornings to the sunny and warm afternoons.

So why are skirts women's domain? Historically, men would wear gowns and kilts, and let's not forget the toga. Yet, in modern society, it seems a bit unacceptable, even the kilts are kind of sneered upon, in America anyways.

On the right we have a man in a skirt. And somehow, it works. He just looks so comfortable in it. In many of his pictures, you don't even notice he's wearing women's clothing.

A while ago, Susi Bubble of Style Bubble posted a post on men wearing women's clothing. Of course, the post discusses what is meant to be a humerous photoshoot, but I agree with Susi about Vincent Gallo not looking to shabby in it. It's all about the ease.

So today, I showcase my favorite pics from a guy who's brave enough to take this look to the streets. Clicking on the pictures will take you to the photo's page and you can leave some comments for him.

Check out his flickr photostream for more of Kasmeneo's looks in skirts and other women's clothing. Also, check out The Men in Skirts pool on flickr.

My outfits: Left: Shirt- Ross; Belt- off dress from Forever 21; Skirt- from mom (70s); Shoes- Ebay; Socks- Target. Right: pink skull tee- Ross; Striped polo (under), skirt and belt, tights, boots- JC Penny;Socks- Target;Necklace- My dentist office

The Peopleist,
Ivy Frozen

Nurse and Vintage

Here's Wednesday's look, inspired by old time nurses.

Today, while looking for something else, I stumbled upon this atricle on shopping in El Paso and now I really want to go there. These Por Libras sound like my long lost best friend that I never knew I had! Friendly to my tastes, which always enjoy a good vintage find, and to my wallet, as I'm such a cheap ass.

The article also discusses great places to find, well, anything. Check it out if you live in El Paso, Texas or plan on going there. If not, it'll just make you want to go there! I guess that's part of the point of it though, making El Paso sound great.

White Slip worn as dress- Thrift queen
grey miniskirt (under)-Target
Black thigh highs- Hot Topic
Belt- JC Penny
boots- Charlotte Russe
Swing jacket- Lola
scarf- my friend knit it for me

Longing for El Paso,
Ivy Frozen

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Little Lady

Yeah, I look twelve again. It was freezing in the morning (this is from Tuesday), hence the scarf. My mom bought it for me, hence it's from Walmart, hence it's falling apart.

My mom has this love of Walmart. It's her mecca. I, on the other hand, despise it. It's so dingy and kind of depressing in there. Plus, the people who work there never know anything about the store. A lot of Mexican immigrants (legal and illegal) work at the one near my home back in the Bay Area. The one near my school is filled with White Trash. Not that I have a problem with these people; I like anyone who's nice to me. Really. I have childlike standards of like.
Of course, in the third nearest Walmart to my home in the bay, this one worker there started stroking my hair without asking if she could, and then proceeded to compliment me on it, while stroking my hair, and I'm just being polite to her as she's not hurting me while I'm really thinking "Back the hell off, woman!" She's wasn't as bad as the woman at Victoria's Secret at the mall on 5th and Mission, I think, with the Bart right in it. That lady was right there, like an inch in front of me, trying to talk me into buying stuff from the store and I'm backing away, and she keeps following. Personal space, woman. Do I need to quote the American Bubble thory/rule to you? But, I digress.

Walmart is a horrid store, but I do stop in there occasionally for they're good, sweat-shop labor prices. They also have a few really cute pieces, and you can always find your cheapie basics there, like socks. (Their bras suck! Very uncomfortable!) I did het a cute cami from there a few years ago and it's still going strong. The straps on it can be uncomfortable when I'm setting at times though. Kind of digs into my back. It's improved with wear though.

As for sweatshop labor, yes I know they use it. No, I don't approve, but the money these poor people get from this labor is often very needed. Sweatshop labor is a very tricky thing; to support it or not to support it. If we support it, it continues. If we don't, it may end, but then the people will be left without this obviously desperately needed money. What to do? Fair wages would be great, but then will companies continue to use these people? Does fair wages equal what they would have to pay in America or something that would still be cheaper in American dollars? A very tough issue to decide. So I do buy sweatshop labor stuff, not entirely knowingly but I don't know it is not made by sweatshops, and hope for the day when the people will be paid a fair wage at their job, whatever that may be. I haven't quite decided yet as my mind can't quite define what a fair wage would be outside of mimimum wage in America. Kind of equivalent, the exchange rate, uh! Can't explain as I don't quite grasp what my mind is trying to say myself.

swing jacket/coat- Lola (close-up)
dress and belt- Forever 21
boots-JC Penny
Footless tights- Wet Seal (I chased them down before they became trend.)
Freshwater Pearl Necklace- Hawaii
For the poor peeps,
Ivy Frozen


This is from Monday. I wore the outfit on the left out in the morning, and on the right is what is underneath my swing jacket and scarf. I changed shoes for the afternoon. It was cold. I really like the rose color though.

swing coat thingy- Lola
Dress- Burlington Coat Factory
Long sleeve shirt- JC Penny
Tights- Walmart
Boots- Charlotte Russe
Scarf- Chinese shop that went out of business
Shoes- Heel and Sole Shoes

Backwards in time,
Ivy Frozen

Monday, October 16, 2006

Super High Heels: The New Corset

I love my new little swing coat thing. It's so cute!

But, this post is about the new corset/hip panels/tiny bound feet/basket of this decade, those super high heels. I'm talking over three inches.

Now we all sit and talk about how ridiculous and barbaric the aforementioned trends were. Women would have ribs surgically removed to created a tinier waist for corsets, which made it hard to breath and certainly move. Similarly, all those other trends made it hard to move and could cause injuries. Yet, what is in trend now but sky-high heels?

You need lessons on how to walk in them. You cannot walk far in them. They cause great amounts of pain. We all know the danger of a twisted ankle, but they can also damage your feet and leg muscles. Therefore, exercises are recommended. What? I have to exercise to wear the one item of clothing that I never had to exercise to wear before? Blasphemy! that's what it is.

I don't know about you, but this is one trend bandwagon I'll happily watch leave the station. They can take skinny jeans and crocs with 'em. Now wedges are a good idea. And I still support leggings, just not worn with everything or with the same outfit as girls a-z who just passed me on the street.

Now, Sunday's outfit in my happy shoes (with happy little heels) and my new favorite coat! Just to proove that I do indeed have hips and thighs. My dad tried to say I don't have hips; I think he's in denial.

swing coat- Lola

Brown tunic- Ross

Comic strip belt- Sears

Jeans- ross

Shoes- Heel and Sole Shoes


Ivy Frozen

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I do own jeans.

See? I had to be a bit more subdued this weekend since I need a job! Ugh... So much stuff I want to buy, but cannot. So this post will be all the stuff I want to buy once I get a job.

These pumps from Target are awesome. I tried the brown ones on and they're truly comfy! Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the Target near me only has the brown ones in my size. The have one pair like these, but they're size 9.

This tank either in black or blue. The black might work well with my Halloween costume. I'm going to be a ballerina being an ostrich. Or then again, it probably won't. But it's awesome anyways!

There's more stuff I want (like this pretty, pretty dress from a local vinatge shop) , but no pictures are available of them. Plus, I'm tired right now.



Flashback to Friday the 13th

A dark photo in honor of the day. This picture was taken in one of the bathrooms at my school. They have couches and full length mirrors. Kind of annoys me because the schools suposedly don't have enough money, yet they have extra televisions lying out in the halls and they give thousands of dollars each year to the various dorms for activities. I'd rather pay less tuition and then have to help pay for the activities.

I do love Friday the 13th, but I was to stressed to enjoy it. Le sigh. I'm learning French from Enigma. I was so tired once that someone asked me something and I answered in a combination of English, Spanish, French and ended with "fo' shizzle."

Dress- ARC Thrift Store (looks homemade)
Vest- mom (one of my favorite clothing items)
Belt- JC Penny
Socks- Target
Shoes- Old Navy (it's my gold espadrilles yet again.)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cream Puff Dress

Maybe I'll wear this tomorrow. Then I can eat it.

Gotta love Ukrainian Fashion Week . The cake dress is photos 22 and 23 in there. The dress is not actually part of Ukrainian fashion week, it was part of a a wedding, but, ah, well, you'll see. The Ukraine is all about the headwear though and I'm all for that. And ending/finding a cure for aids. Maybe, not quite so blatent about it though....

Belle Morte

Today, an Indian inspired outfit in honor of Aanchal, from ANTM. She's still going and I still like her. I've had the kiss of death so far this season for ANTM, as Megg, my other favorite, has also been kicked off. Of course, this episode she wasn't my favorite so much, so I'm okay with her leaving. I also like AJ and how much fun she was having with the whole cannibal thing. I would have been singing Maneater.

In other news, I learned how to tie a nice bow. Finally! See the closeup of my good bow in the top left there. The bow in the picture on the right is messed up. Style Bites had a lovely diagram I followed, although the second to last image on that thing was confusing. With common sense, I figured it out though. The diagram is actually for bow ties, but Agathe over at Style Bytes suggested in a post a while back that bow tie instructions were the same as how to get those nice bows. Watch out for me! I'll be tieing nice bows on everything for a while!

So, wondering how exactly this outfit is Indian inspired? It's the long lines. I do love the sophisticated, long lines I used to see many Indian girls wearing at my old school. Of course, I like to belt my waist whenever possible... Hey! I need to keep the fun up. I'm young.

Oh and in place of the double scarves, I put on double ribbon belts. They echo the white and more creamy color (stores call it ivory) of the necklace and lacy cami at the top.

tunic and hoody- JC Penny
lacy cami- Marshalls
skirt- Ross
shoes- Old Navy
white lacy ribbon belt- off capris from Kohls
cream satiny ribbon belt- off my bubble dress from ebay
Necklace- My dentist's office

The kiss of death,
Ivy Frozen

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Secretary with Attitude

Two pics of me again today! The one on the right is demonstrating some Tyra-knowledge from America's Next Top Model. (Notive me looking longer and leaner.) I can't wait to see it tonight! I was so glad that they got rid of the traditional bitch before Tyra had a chance to end world hunger -er- make the girl nicer. Unfortunately, my favorite was already kicked off too. The little pixie girl from San Fran. I think her name was Megan. Oh well, I guess I'll have to root for the other California girls, which is pretty much all of them. Melrose is from San Fran too and I'd root for her, but looks like she'll be taking over the bitch role. (The frigid, anal one reserved for the white girl.) <---not racsist when it's true. For now, I think I like the rock girl. She's so cute and fun and I love her hair, though I do also like Aanchal a bit as she is really very lovely and shapely.

Today, I felt really tough in this outfit. Ready to rip out hearts, I was. Maybe it's the grunge element to it. My grunge-inspired outfts always make me feel tough and like wrestling or something. Rarrrg! I think I should have worn taller socks maybe.

And hey! I didn't wear a dress today; I wore a skirt as well as what has become my signature double scarves for this season. Really, the double scarves came about because I wanted to wear my blue silk one, but I didn't think it would keep me warm enough on its own. Thus, the double scarves were born. Using their ultra-super powers, the long stripey one, the Old Navy fleece one, the one my friend knit for me, and the silk scarf save me from a runny nose and sore throat. (When my throat gets cold, it seems to start producing a lot of mucus which leads to a runny nose, post nasal drip, and then a sore throat.)

As for pictures...

I don't date my notes in class anymore. I just draw the outfit I'm wearing that day in the margin and I know what day it was. Someone asked to borrow my notes from a certain day today and I got them out and was looking at my little sketches to figure out the date. That's actually why I decided to do this blog like this. Besides helping me keep track of various outfits, did I like them, what I liked and will like about them in the future in an effort to discover what my classic style will be when I'm older and settle down, it also helps me date stuff better than numbers. The pictures (bad as they are) have more meaning attached then October the 11, 2006 ever will. A picture is worth a worth a thousand words; a date is worth four.

With attitude,
Ivy Frozen

Video Killed the Radio Star

For a change of pace, I'll post some Youtube videos I found that kind of go with earlier posts. I'd rate them all about PG-13. The second video is possibly a little higher. Watch them, laugh with them, love them.

Speaking of Audrey's GAP commercial...

10 Things Men Don't Know About Women:

Bush's Speech Writer

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Funky Audrey

Lucky you. You get three pictures of me today. Count 'em. Three.

I wore what I've now termed my "Audrey" dress. It reminds me of something she'd wear. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, her style is not fun enough for my taste so I added some very non-Audrey accesories.

Don't get me wrong, Audrey had great style. It's just she was all about simplicity. Yeah, I like more fun, funk, and spunk in my clothes. What can I say? I'm an Ares.

Speaking of Audrey, I really hate those shoes she wears with the skinny black pants in those gap commercials. Just because they're a bit unusual does not make them cute or sexy or fun. They do look like they're comfy though. I'll consent to that. The boots I'm wearing in this picture are actually the first pair of boots I've ever owned, aside from the ones I wore in the snow as a little girl. Those don't count. I'm a shoe girl, as in I go to shoes first. My wardrobe is built around shoes. I'd rather have shoes than any other garment of clothing. I actually built this outfit to wear with my happy shoes:

Happy Shoes

but then it was cold, so I put the boots on. They're the closest I come to uggs: wrap boots that are comfy and warm yet defined anough that my foot does not look like one of those inflated Santa's feet. (I mean really, they're called "Uggs." That's either cave man speak or short for ugly. Neither is appealing.) <---This mini rant is brought to you by the Mid-Day Slump.


When I went to the grocery store today, this little girl started exclaiming to her parents how pretty I looked and how much she liked the dress. They thought I didn't hear; I have a tendency of avoiding children since they tend to like me a lot, often putting they're through a lot of trouble to get the kids away from me. Don't ask me why, but young children LOVE me. If I acknowledge them with a smile, yeah. All over me. Not that I don't like them and am untouched by their apparent affection, but I'm not used to kids. I've always been the youngest and the baby. That's right. So, I'm kind of unsure around children, and don't want to encourage them when their parents are in a hurry or something. Yeah. That's it. The truth.

Anywho, I think this outfit's a winner. The guy at the grocery store offered to help me carry my bags to my car. (Never mind the fact that I walked, which he did not know. And also the stuff wasn't rreally very heavy. Only thing with real weight was a bag of frozen burgers. Couldn't have been more than five pounds.) Also, all the guys I passed today gave me right away by opening doors and stepping off narrow paths so i could pass. There was also this weird guy in the building for my first class. We got of the bus at the same stop. He went in a different entrance than me. Then, I saw him at the elevaters. Then, I saw him on the next floor after I climbed the stairs (The flight he saw me go up only goes to the next floor.) The elevater stopped there for no apparent reason as no one got on or off and the guy was the only one in the elevater. But he was watching me. Weird...

Anywho, in some news not centered on me per say, apparently women dress more fashionably when we're ovulating. See the MSN article and see what you make of it. I'm kind of skeptical since from the picture test, people only selected women 60% of the time as being more fashionable when obvulating. That's 2/3 I suppose, but the woman also only really did subtle changes. Not really that big a signal. Also, I'm curious about how the actual test was conducted, when, and the other external factors. But it still is interesting. I wonder if the women felt really good that day. I mean, PMS makes us feel cruddy; we deserve get a day where our hormones make us feel really good. It's the least they can do.

Now I'm wondering if that means I'm ovulating today. I did wear jewlry today: earrings and my pocket watch necklace. I haven't really been wearing jewlry lately. And I felt really good today. I did attribute that to the news that my sister may come visit me. Possibly. And the dress is a little more trendy/in current mainstream fashion/ more streamlined than many of my other outfits. Ah, uncertainty. How I loathe you.

Dress- Thrifted

Long sleeve tee and Boots- JC Penny

Belt- Forever 21

Slip and pocket watch necklace- Thrift Town

Socks- Target

Monday, October 09, 2006

A Sorta Fairytale

Today, feeling a little Red Riding Hoodish. I wore one of the dresses I scored yesterday for about $2. Ye-AH! A first it screamed Madame Serena to me, but I think you can see I changed that. I love the gold on the purple in this dress and the kind of corsetish top. Plus the neckline is really nice.

I really like wearing my scarf like that. And today, I continued playing with socks. Those are trouser socks folded down over my foot.

Now this morning, I felt so sick, so I skipped my first two classes. I'm kind of bummed about that; I hate missing classes, but I probably would have spent them hurling in the bathroom anyways. I got no sleep last night because I couldn't find a comfortable position that didn't contort my spine and thus equal back pain. I got ready, then crawled back into to bed. Of course, I woke up from said nap with dye from my sheets all over my arm. I had lots of fun cleaning that off. Ugh. I feel a lot better now, but not 100%. More like 70%. Ugh. I feel a war with my stomach coming on.

Wow! Now I feel all Princess and the Pea. You know, she was so sensitive and couldn't sleep. Maybe I need to check under my mattress for one... I blame Dress A Day for these thoughts.

Oh well. Least my hair has been liking the weather. And my outfit's cheered me up too.

HUGE scarf and purse- Thrift Town

dress- ARC Thrift Store

Belt (remixed yet again)- JC Penny

shoes- Old Navy

socks- Walmart

Sunday, October 08, 2006

It's a Circus

Today's outfit reminds me of an old time circus or faire, especially in this picture. Kind of has a fun house mirror effect.

Today, I took the car out to find a local thrift store. I found it and dress heaven! I bout two dresses and a skirt all for only $6! That's right, $6! Everything was 50% off today, despite their already low prices. Chi-eah!

This picture was taken in the dressing room there. (It's what I wore out today.) I got plenty of looks. I think I cheered up many people's day today.

I'm currently exploring socks with shoes. Today I wore little ankle socks and folded them down even lower, then paired them with my gold espadrilles.

dress- vintage '70s from mom
shirt- Ross?
shoes- Old Navy
socks- Walmart
bag- Paul and Joe for Target