Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spring Fever

Spring Bloom

Ugh, with the last couple of posts, you probably think this is turning into a celebri-style blog, but fear not dear readers! This blog is all about me! Really, I'm not as narcissistic as that sounded... But, let's just move on, shall we?

What's up with the pic of flowers at the top instead of the signature pic of one of my outfits? You know I was feeling Spring quite a while ago, well the plants around here are telling me that Spring has arrived. While I still have my doubts--those clouds in the distance sure look menacing even in the bright sunlight---this is an image heavy post with outfits inspired by all the lovely blooms around and my desire for Spring!

Tears of a Rose

Spring is in the Air

Close up of Flower Fabric

The flower above translated into this outfit. If you can see from the close up. it has soses and other flowers all over it in an explosion that reminds me of the first flower pic in this post, at the top. I kept the rest simple though, like the sigle flower, though I couldn't resist the head band (it reminded me of Klimpt!) and I was testing out the shoes to see if they delivered on their promis of comfort, which they did. They have small heels, maybe 2 inches, but they're more comfy than some of my flats. While they can seem a bit grandma-ish, I think they work well with sort mod-inspired looks and also a certain '50s charm about them.

The Language of FlowersMod Soul

De Nile

The thrid flower image above reminded me of these outfits of mine, back from when I was wish'n and hope'n and pray'n for Spring. That bold pink and the curvature are reflected well in these outfits. It's a little bolder than the flower in the fence.

With some Spring in her step,

Ivy Frozen

My Wildest Dress Fantasies

Artist Yes, it's Oscar time and all of my wildest dress fantasies are coming true. Okay, maybe not ALL of them, that would eb a lot to ask for afterall, but many of them are brought to life and the night is still young.

This pic is a little out of theme, but Lisa Ray (the one on the orangish-brown dress) looks stunning, just a beautiful woman in general. Deepa Mehda looks beautiful too, but I'm coveting that sari of hers. Beautiful colors and patturns, a dress fantasy brought to life! Likewise, Penelope is beautiful nd all that, but I'm coveting the dress more. Just look at it, the texture on the skirt, yards of fabric into the ridiculousness. Okay, maybe not quite as into the ridiculousness as my fantasy, but it's a good comnpromise. At least she can actually move around in this one so it will sweep so beautifully like that.
In this pic, the dress the dress definitely overshadows her, since it's a little dark. But look how it swirls in the front!
Love the silhouette of Rinko Kikuchi in this number. It reminds me of the ink lady from Batman Beyond, complete with the swirly hair. For those who think being compared to a cartoon character is less than optimal, it also reminds me of old fashion drawings from the '20s?. The ink connotation just really appeals to me though, like the dress is fluid she was dipped in and it's running off her. I just read that last sentence and realized it sounds a little creepy, but trust me, my admiration for the dress is nothing you should consider shipping me off to a nice, padded room for.
J Lo's keeping up with her older look she's adopted since her so far lasting marriage to Marc Anthony, and I'm still on the rocks about it. I kind of miss old, in-your-face-bronze-goddess J Lo As foor the fantastical dress, just look how airy it looks! And the neckline is gorgeous! And the chilled out J Lo looks like an icy siren, albeait a prenant one. Is she preganant? Really, I thought she was with this dress, but I could be wrong. It's not like I make it a point to keep up with celebrity gossip or anything; typically the stuff's shoved down my throat when I head to yahoo to check my mail or look around the grocery store. But I must say, can you picture J Lo singing "Jenny from the Block" is this dress? Yeah, I would have preferred my J Lo in this dress so thoughtfully picked out by the people at Dress A Day. She could still rock "Jenny from the Block" in that. Also, just click on the link to see more beautiful dresses picked out for the starlets, most of which rock my dress fantasy bone too. Now excuse while I finish my theory about Marc Anthony brainwashing J Lo into a Stepford Wife.

Images: Oscar Red Carpet pics from Yahoo. As for the pic of me, click it for a larger image and details if you care, or just leave a message bothering me for them.

In a dress fantasy world,

Ivy Frozen

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Apologies for my Disappearance

Like an Eagle
Yes, I dissappeared for a bit. But I have good reason! I was sick, my car broke down, I got sick again, my car got hit. But, on a more positive note, I was also in a very creative mood and doing some writing and other creations. If been furiously typing away on my new novel project. This one has been going around in my head for longer than the other one and has finally come to fruition, I think anyways. So, I've paused work on the other one as my main character in that one was too flat for my liking and taken up this one again. If you click that link, you can read the first chapter. The second chapter is also up, but I've made it so only members of the site can view it. Of course, you can always create a free account to view it if you want to; just don't say that I pimped the site out to you. Unless that's a good thing, of course. If you're bored, check it out and let me know what you think.

If you like reading and have some time to kill, I suggest checking the site out. Lot's of fabulous authors on there. I recommend WD Wilcox's port, after mine of course. But he's an awesome author with a little of everything in his port. Mine is filled with mostly fantasy and mythology pieces. Fancy that...

You can also see some of the fun I was having with Paint Shop Pro with the picture for this post, the closest I come to sweats by the way. Take that Juicy Couture! Click on the picture if you want more details on it. The background picure was actually taken by my daddy, so that's why it's so much nicer looking than any of mine.

But anywho, just an apology of sorts for anyone holding their breath for my next post,
Ivy Frozen

I Tip My Hat to You

Victoriana Lolita So, I'm sure you've all seen all the grammy pics and such already, if you didn't see the people live on t.v. But now you get to see a few choice pics from me again with commentary! And, it gets better. The commentary is by me! That's right, what you've all been waiting for.
Let's start off with Lean Rimes. Anyone else think she went a little far with the whole losing weight thing? I mean, she used to be all chubby and adorable. Then she lost weight, I was for it. It was healthier, it made her happy. But then I see this and I get a little concerned. I do love that dress, but it's falling off her poor frame! Perhaps it's just the dress. She is a beautiful woman though and just look at that smile!

Next, we have Matisyahu. I just love his style, and how he does his own thing stylistically, both with his clothes and music. In this picture of him, I like how only one cuff is peeking out. It gives him a bit of a haphazard look contrasted against the more refined look of the rest of his clothes.

Speaking of haphazard, I love Shakira's crazy hair in this picture. You didn't think I'd miss posting a pic of Shakira. I love her crazy lion-mane hair and wish I could get my curls to do that. As for her dress, it actually reminds me of a Christmas present, which is a good thing. She kept it simple as per her new look and I'm still loving it. Take that McDonalds!
The fourth pic is of Scarlet Johanson but doesn't she looks a lot like Madonna in this pic. Maybe it's just me... But, she still looks lovely as always.

I really wanted to post a pic of Nelly Furtado's dress next, but Blogger is being unfriendly so no pic of her. The top of her dress just looks so Klimt-ish though. I loved it!

The rest are pictures of people I've never heard of, but now must know more about. Proof of the power of clothing.

The first of this batch, and fifth picture of them all, is of Corinne Bailey Rae. I guess I've kind of heard of her; the name sounds familiar. She looks so lovely in this picture and I adore her hair. I'm far too chicken to attempt a homage with my hair though, especially since my ears stick out so I like to keep 'em covered with a little something. Lovely woman though.

The next pic is of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. I've never heard of them but now I must! The pirate costume is too awesome, and I'm liking what I'm seeing of the guy to the left's outfit too. Keep it up boys!

The last pic is of Antonio Pantarelli. Never heard of him at all befor, but digging the coat and shirt. So appropriate with the violin, and it looks like he's having a good time with it.

Now, ergh, my outift. It's not up for deabate. I just reworked those boots with some black ribbon, but I didn't buy it long enough, so I only laced them up to the ankles and tied them there. I like the result though, and the laces are really on for show. Thank goodness for zippers! Click on the pick for more information.

The grammy pictures were taken from The Red Envelope's slide show thing on the grammies.

Tip hats not cows,

Ivy Frozen