Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Moving Day!


I'm still doing some cleaning, but you all can take a peak at my new place if you'd like:

Ivy Frozen Productions

Same neighborhood; just moved down the street and upgraded a little bit. The new address is easier to remember and the space is a little more me.

Still to do:
I have about a million links to add, mostly those of Wardrobe Remixers from the most recent "Do you have a blog?" posts in the discussion area. If your blog was fashion/style related and had a clickable link, it's most likely on my list to be added.

Finish my how to sucessfully alter clothing series. I added P3, but there's still two more parts to go.

Fix some of the graphics.

Post my not really secret but still kinda secret news. Actually, I think I did mention it on there already, hmmm...

Start my new posts =) I've got lot's of ideas.

Moving on up,
Ivy Frozen

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Still Alive

I think I'm ready to start posting here again. I had blogger problems, then internet and computer and basically just got really annoyed and frustrated and thus stopped the posting. Plus, I've been working on a not really secret but still kinda secret project that will coincide with this change. I will probably jump ship to a new blog since I want a new name for the blog and a new look that will make me happier, and I hope you all will like it too. (and a much better address) Rest assured, the new blog will pretty much be the same as this blog only prettier. And actually updated a regular-like basis.

I am back and brimming with stuff to share with you all, and I think I've figured out more what I like and what I don't and how I want my blog to go. So stay tuned for the new link.

Only moving forward, dahling, never backwards,
Ivy Frozen

Friday, January 18, 2008

How to Successfully Alter Clothing pt2: Useful Things to Pick Up

seashore high maintenance
Before reading, see part 1: inspiration if you care.

Sorry about the latness of this one. Urgh. Just had some internet-computer-this site issues whuch hopefully won't be an issue again. Hopefully part three will follow much sooner. So, without further ado:

So, you have an idea. But before you can implement it, you need to do some planning and pick up some supplies. I'll leave it to you to pick out you more project specific needs; I'm going to list useful items that are more general and you might not think about having around.

1. iron

An iron is a very good thing to have and use on your projects. Use it to iron your fabric before cutting, to iron seams, to set iron on adhesives, on your final product, etc. You can get by without an iron, but you'll be surprised by the difference an iron makes.

2. iron on adhesive or fabric glue

If you're not so good with the needle and thread, iron on adhesives and fabric glue are great alternatives to explore. They're also great tool if you can handle your needle and thread. Use it to hold fabric in place while you sew, make your own appliques, and a dozen other uses I'm sure you can come up with. I like to keep some iron on adhesive tape in my sewing kit, though I also keep a sheet or two on hand for appliques.

Also, if you plan on button holes, iron on interfacing is a good idea. It will keep your button holes from stretching, making them look nice and work better. It's also a good idea to help reinforce waist bands and support zippers on light fabrics.

3. straight pins

If you plan on doing a bit of diy, get yourself a pack of straight pins. They're cheap and very worth it. Safety pins, though I love them, are no substitute. Get the longer ones; they stay in the fabric better. Plus, you can use the straight pins to pin your fabric into your carpet or corkboard, which may come in handy for you later.

4. thread

Dollar store thread sucks. Get yourself some good quality thread. It may seem like it costs a lot, but good quality thread is sturdier (& therefore will last longer), looks nicer, and is not wrapped in a retarded style that makes it impossible to use on a sewing machine and annoying to handsew with. Also, get the big spool of thread, at least a 100 yds. You'd be surprised how quickly thread goes, especially if you use a sewing machine.

Selecting a Color: It's hard to match fabric colors to your fabric sometimes. I find that a thread that is a little darker than your fabric won't be as noticible and prominent as thread that is lighter. When you can't find a color even mildly close to your fabric, try selecting a color that just looks nice with your fabric. Also remember thread color doesn't really matter that much in most cases since it isn't visible on the outside. If you're still learning and prone to messing up, you might want to use a contrasting color in non-visible places. It makes picking on your foul stitches much easier.

5. needles

There is a reason for all the different sized needles. if you're using a sewing machine, make sure you have the proper needle for your fabric, especially if your fabric is really heavy or light. If you're hand sewing, the needles are different sizes for functionality. If you buy a pack of hand needles, they usually say what the different needles are for on the back of the package.

On this note, if you're using a sewing machine, make sure you have the right feet and the right needles for your project. The information you need should be in your sewing machine manuel.

6. Seam Ripper

It's my favorite tool. It's so useful when you mess up and need to rip out stitches, moving stitches when altering an item, and it just generally looks cool and hardcore in your sewing kit. They cost like a dollar and are totally worth it. Beware though; they're very sharp and you can stab yourself with them.

7. sewing shears

While they don't necessarily have to be sewing scissors, a good pair of sharp, strong shears could make all the difference in cutting a straight line, and a wierd, choppy line. If you're having trouble cutting you're fabric, buying a new pair of shears might help. Dollar store sewing scissors seem to be decent, but they also seem not to last for lengthy periods. The rotary cutters work even better at helping you get a straight line, but the sets are also kind of expensive.

Alright, that's all I can think of. Wonder around your local sewing store and investigate. You'll find cool embellishments you can use and maybe some products you didn't know were available. (Grommets and hooks & eyes come on tapes!)

The dress on this post was made from a twinsize fitted sheet. The bubble hem and straps are formed from the stretchy portions on the ends. Really sweet and simple. Click on the image for more info.

Arrives precisely when she means to plus 15 minutes,
Ivy Frozen

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This is Ivy Frozen reminding you to support your local stores and industries this holiday season. Only YOU can save the magic.

Night of Fire... Doom!

Sticking it the Valdemart,

Ivy Frozen

P.S. Part two to successfully alter clothing will be up soon. We'll be looking at materials and know how before we can finally make the first cut in part 3.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

How to Successfully Alter Clothing pt1

Family Circle

I love making my clothes unique and how I want them. And in sharing my creations, I've come aross many people who admire my work, but are too afraid to go after their own wardrobes. Thus, I figured I'd do a few posts to reveal how truly easy it really is to alter clothing to make it your own.

In this, the first part, I'll be covering the first step and sometimes the hardest: figuring out what to do to the item of clothing.

Figure out what you like about the piece. What attracted you to the piece in the first place? Perhaps you just liked the color or pattern and nothing else. Maybe you're a sucker for ruffles like I am. Or maybe it was all about the lace. Figure out what you like about the item so you can figure out what you want to keep.

Figure out what you don't like. Is it too long or too short? Is it horribly unflattering on you and can you pinpoint why? Are you not feeling the pleats? Is it too plain or WAY too much fun? Figure out what you don't like in the item to figure out what NEEDS to be changed.

Figure out your style. Take a look in your closet and note the items you wear most frequently and why you wear those items so much. Also note your favorite items in your closet and why you liek them. Perhaps you keep a StyleDiary or post to other street fashion communities like Wardrobe Remix or Stylemob. If so, check out your outfits there. Find your favorites and take a look at what you wear. Figure out your style so you can make sure your new item fits into it.

Find examples and inspiration. Street style sites, fashion blogs, fashion magazines, phtography books, and diy sites and books are all great places for inspiration. I really like Wardrobe Remix, street style blogs, and fashion blogs from around the world for inspiration. I also love looking at costumes and antigue clothing. Etsy,, and Threadbanger are places where crafty people gather and share (or sell) and thus are rich beds of inspiration. Stores, the runways, and art can all inspire you and help you know what you want to do.

Check out my list of DIY Links for some more inspiration and help with your DIY needs. Also check out my sidebar, which I need to update, for more inspiration and help.

In these posts I'll also include some of the stuff I made but haven't done a formal write up of yet.

This skirt,
Rainy Day
also in the outfit at the top of this page, became

this dress:

Flower Power

with some scissors, thread, red ribbon, and two white buttons. Look out for a formal tutorial (with photos!) or maybe video when I make another one. That might have to wait until January though. It's really quick and easy though. Just take a maxi circle or a-line skirt, cut off the waistband. Cut the waistband at the point oppossite to where the closure is (or anywhere you'd like). To make the waistband bigger to fit your chest, simply add ribbon or a strip of fabric to the waistband. If the waistband is already big enough, you can cut out a portaion and replace it with ribbon or fabric. Sew the waistband back on the skirt. Use some more ribbon (I sewed two strips of ribbon together, side by side) to create straps. If you want, you can create button holes on your straps, but I simply attached the straps to the dress and sewed the big white buttons on for show. And voila! You have a sweet pinafore tent dress, which is perfect for the summer and with layering for the winter.

images: click on the images in this post to be taken to it's flickr page, where more sizes, outfit deets, and further info is available.

doin it herself,
Ivy Frozen

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Icon: Snow White

Not Disney's Snow White...

This Snow White is a Korean drama about a nerdy girl who falls in love with her best friend. He, naturally, does not know and thus continues to date other girls while rubbing our Snow White's, Young Hee's, face in it. Eight years down the line, Jin Woo, or leading man, shoves his delinquent younger brother on Young Hee while he dates the plastic beauty Hee Won. With Jin Woo getting serious about Hee Won, Young Hee must finally make some changes and confess her love to Jin Woo. But does Young Hee still love Jin Woo?
While I love the drama itself-- it's predictable with a twist-- I really love the wardrobe on all of the younger characters except Hee Won. (She would be the one int he blue dress. Her style is kind of boring.) Young Hee, Jin Woo, Sun Woo, Minako, Chu Lee, and the rocker couple with the babies all have great looks! Even when Young Hee is nerdy, I still coveted many of her clothes. I think when she gets hot she basically wears many of the same things.
Young Hee has this really quirky-sweet-girly style I love. I now need a jacket like the on e above and solid colored jacket the same color as one of the stripes to wear with all my stripey shirts. Btw, the title can also be translated as Taste Sweet Love or it's just also called that.
The scarf! And that cape/coat thing!

I love this whole outfit! Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of the whole thing. That looks like Sun woo behind her, and I love his outfit too!

Chu Lee has this AWESOME '80s style that I adore. It's hard to find pictures of her though.
Minako has crazy awesome Japanese street style. It's adorable! In this picture, I love her hat with the long white coat and how her hat matches her guitar, though this is far from her best outfit.

Jin Woo has a very preppie style-- he's a news anchor-- so you think his wardrobe would be as boring as Hee Won's. But Jin Woo manages to be preppie, casual, and hip.

I think his scarves and great use of color are the key.

Sun Woo is the bad boy of the group, but he doesn't get by on just leather jackets.

He wears snakeskin too!

Here, I like the pinstripes on just the cuffs and collar. I wish I could find a good picture of his formal event suit-thing, but the internet is being uncoorporative. I guess you'll just have to watch it yourself.

You can find the whole series, sixteen episodes, on youtube (& elsewhere), with lazy subbing. They don't translate when the characters are speaking sometimes, but they translate more than enough for English speakers to understand.

My homage to the ladies of Snow White.

The Golden Plum Super hero

Minako made me want to wear my hair in pigtails. Chu Lee made me want to go a little 80s and Young Hee was all about the scarf.

Images: HanCinema & me. Click mine for more info., such as outfit deets and more sizes.

Snow White,

The Golden Plum

Ivy Frozen

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Trend Alert!

This just in!

Calm Before the Storm

A lot of neck action...

Tackle Fall

Bra Outline Visible through a colored shirt.

Puss in Boots

A Sorta Fairytale with you.

Graphic Afternoon

This scarf...with EVERYTHING!

Cat Woman

Business on top, party on the bottom!

  • The neck sees a revival of the double scarf but in a new (and exciting!) way. Instead of two knit-type scarves, I'm using a big rectangular one and a long one to create interesting arangements. It's like Marie Antoinette hairstyle, but for the neck.

  • For some reason, I've been loving the idea of a visble bra silhouette through a thin shirt. I'm not so crazy about it as white under white, but under a colored shirt is floating my boat.
  • I've also been feeling the Fairytale vibe after Gala Darling's fabulous post on the matter. That photo shoot was delicious, and implanted many ideas in my brain.

  • Recently, I've gone crazy for that scarf in my hair. I'm crazy about the color and pattern and how it interacts with the rest of my wardrobe. I wear it has a belt, around my neck, and even in my hair as there. In fact, it's in four of the five pictures in this post. I wonder if France is still relaxed about those marriage laws...
  • I also noticed in going through my photos that I have been relegating fun prints to skirts while wearing solids on top.
So, what are you wearing this autumn or just really itching to wear?

Images: Clicky if you have a mind to know where I got something, see more sizes, and some other info.

Setting her own trends,
Ivy Frozen