Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Moving Day!


I'm still doing some cleaning, but you all can take a peak at my new place if you'd like:

Ivy Frozen Productions

Same neighborhood; just moved down the street and upgraded a little bit. The new address is easier to remember and the space is a little more me.

Still to do:
I have about a million links to add, mostly those of Wardrobe Remixers from the most recent "Do you have a blog?" posts in the discussion area. If your blog was fashion/style related and had a clickable link, it's most likely on my list to be added.

Finish my how to sucessfully alter clothing series. I added P3, but there's still two more parts to go.

Fix some of the graphics.

Post my not really secret but still kinda secret news. Actually, I think I did mention it on there already, hmmm...

Start my new posts =) I've got lot's of ideas.

Moving on up,
Ivy Frozen