Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ivy Presents:3 Steps to Bubblicious

Hawaiian Heart

How to bubbleify a skirt. Apparently, next year bubble skirts are out. In this heat, I like to take my long skirts and hike them up. I'll just tell them that I didn't get the memo. So, without further ado, here's my three step plan on how to take your maxi a-line skirts from this:

The Eyes of Truth

to this:

Hija de La Luna Grounded 2


long a-line maxi skirt
safety pins
(optional) needle and thread


Step 1: Put on skirt.

Step 2: Grab a section of the hem and fold it inwards (towards you) and pull it up until the fold falls at desired length of skirt.

Picture of the inside. See how it hangs? I used six pins on this one.

Step 3: Pin from the inside or sew a few stitches to secure. And repeat until you're done.



  • I usally start with one pin in each of the four main directs, front, back, and the two sides, then insert and extra pins.

  • It should only take about 15 minutes or less.

  • The skirts I use are cotton, which folds just right to get that bubbly effect. Other fabrics might not work as well.

  • You can probably thrift an a-line skirt, if you don't already have one.

  • Try to keep pins relatively at the same height, depending on the shape you want. It gets more jagged and crazy the more you vary them.

  • Less pins adds to the slouchy shape of these ones. Using more pins or actually sewing it up should be more uniform and neatly bubbled.

  • I haven't tried it with a circle skirt, but it might work.

  • I only used 4 to 8 pins and they're pinned to about the top of the pockets.

The same thing can be used on longer pencil skirts to result in a hem like this:

The Dreamettes

You want to put the pencil skirt on inside out to fold up and pin though.

Easy, no? It truly is. Just put on your skirt and go to town. I should warn, of course, that this could leave needle holes in your skirts. If you're having a tough time inserting a needle, try not to force it. Instead try removing the pin and then trying again to help prevent the tiny holes. The pin should go in fairly easy, depending on the thickness of the fabric.

My outfits: click the pics for additional details.


Ivy Frozen

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Shirley Love!

Shirley Manson, the rocking frontwoman of Garbage, has captivated listeners worldwide with her signature huge green eyes, red hair, and sultry voice. Apparently the looks that we all love earned her beatings from her schoolmates when she was a child. That caused her to go into depression and while she's overcome the depression through music, she still struggles with how she sees herself. I don't understand the whole beating someone up because you think they're ugly thing. I mean, I'd be more likely to hurt someone out of jealousy that they looked good. I mean, what's the point if they're ugly? Just my two cents that they were totally jealous, Shirley, and anyone else who suffered teasing about their looks!

Shirley is not just the vocalist and face of Garbage. When she first signed on to the band, she went through and heavily revised all the lyrics. She became their lyricist, and she plays guitar in the band. She is one talented and beautiful lady.

What I love about Shirley is that you can put her in anything, even the most conservative outfit, and she still gives off this rocker vibe. In fact, she often does keep it simple, and lets her hair and make up do the talking. Plus, she seems so fun in interviews and even in some of her videos and photos. And of course I admire powerful women, involved in music or otherwise, not afraid to do their thing.

I love her kind of Jetson/futuristic style in these two videos, for "Push It" and "Only Happy When it Rains". Push it might not be quite safe for work; it has some fetishy stuff and aliens. "Only Happy When it Rains" should be cool though. Love her brightly colored minidresses.

I was inspired by this, since I've been on a Garbage kick lately, and decided to do my own thing.

Simply Garbage

No, I am not widening my eyes to make them look really big. My eyelashes get stuck together and I widen my eyes like that to unhook them. It happened to be the picture that showed off the outfit the best. I kept it simple like garbage and added some fun rock accents. I also think the trash shirt goes well with my Garbage theme. I made those elastic bands on my feet and over the shoes because I've seen similar things built into shoes now, which I thought looked cool and I read somewhere that the trend originated from elastic bands used to keep models shoes on their feet on the runway. I'd say they work good. Really simple and cheap to make. Just some thick elastic from your local fabric store and stitch it into a tube, and you're good to go. Plus, I can wear them as wrist band-bracelet things.

Garbage hair

My hair really has nothing to do with Garbage. I just felt like doing this to it. It was orginally going to be my usual ponytail with the front down, but I wanted the hair out of my face so I took the very front part of my hair and swept it back and pinned it with a bow.

Sweet Garbage

Later on, I hiked the skirt up and tied it with a scarf.

Running Out of Time

Here, I simply didn't belt, despite my total love for the belt. It was hard, but it's for Shirley! I would have worn taller shoes too, but I was walking to campus from my condo for the fist time so I wanted to be comfy. Only took bout 15 minutes and I ran into Purple while I was there. I forget Purple's real name , it's something normal, but I dubbed him Purple since he has this plain purple tee that is just the perfect shade of purple. I earned my title as "Distracto Girl" again, since Purple always ends up passing where he's heading when he walks with me. Something to do with pirate ninja ghost zombie dragons, in disguise.

I leave you with various pictures of Shirley Manson throughout the years to the song "#1 Crush." ("I would die for you/I would die for you...") She's about 40 now and cute as a button, though I'd be wary about petting her...

Pics: Click for more info. The Shirley pic was on my compy and I think I got it off flickr. And the videos can also by clicked to head back to their youtube pages to see their info there.

Dressing for the MANson*,

Ivy Frozen

*Bwahhahahaha! I couldn't resist. Remember, I am a nerd.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Poison Ivy

On her way to a tea with the Garden Club, Poison Ivy hears a strange noise. She goes to investigate and discovers it's a tree.

poison ivy tree

She talks with the tree for a while and discovers the horrors it has been sufferening.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy was pissed.

poison ivy crazy

What she did, I'll let you decide. But she was very pleased with the results.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Poison Ivy was my supervillain of choice for Gala's International Dress Up Day (IDUD) #007. I've had a thing for Poison since Uma Thurman's ridiculously over the to portrayal of her in the Batman movie with the breeze. I think that was Batman and Robin. Love her scene with the weird monkee suit-dancers. I also enjoyed her in animated form on Batman, where she hangs out with Harley Quin and is a general bad girl.

I love her so much my name is derived in part from her (Poison Ivy --> Frozen Ivy --> Ivy Frozen) and I relate to her. She became a super villain because some experiments left her with the ability to resist all toxins, but also left her sterile and unable to have children. Since she was a botanist, she then began to think of the plants as her children, and that's why she's so crazy for them. As a female villain, she just can't be evil just because. In fact, she can't be evil. She can be bad though.

As such, I developed my own vision of Poison Ivy. I know she runs around in a green swimsuit/bodysuit in the comics, but she can't wear that all the time? Interesting enough, my childhood vision of Poison put her in a sort '60s time warp where she wore a shift dress made from dirt and wire from which live ivy grew and covered it and big sixties hair with a head band made of ivy. When I investigated her for IDUD, I found that she first appeared in the comics in the mid '60s. My slight psychic powers win again!

I actually developed a characterr off this vision of her, Ivy Vine. Her chracter drew more on the meaning of the ivy plant which is friendship. She mainly played a supportive roles in my fictional land of Nowhere, being the reliable friend in a world populated by really interesting (read slightly crazy/unique thinking) people. Because of this, she is often stuck babysitting Fairy, a siren whose concept of right and wrong is that if someone asks her to help them do anything, she's doing good by helping them. While she doesn't get enough page time to display this really,Ivy does have an aversion to men like her spark of inspiration, and she would probably choose plants over a man.

But anywho, for IDUD, I wanted to show her more ladylike. She may be a vixen to men, but she doesn't seem to have any particular dislike of women. Other then if they jack with her plants. so I did Poison Ivy on her way to the Garden Club. I think she'd adore it. No clear face in any of the pictures, because I wanted it dark and like the dark nature of women. So much imagery of Poison Ivy seems to be that, kind of a mother nature thing.

I suppose I actually did Poison Ivy's alias, Dr. Pamela Isley, but when it gets down to it, they are one and the same.

Pix: Clicky the middle pic for deets.

Poison Ivy,

Ivy Frozen

Friday, August 17, 2007

Josie and the Pussy Cats

Violet Red Theatrical Instead

I've really been thinking about the Josie and the Pussycats movie lately. Come on, you know you love it too. It's up there with the Spice Girls, and we're all excited about their pending return, whether openly or secretively.

How the uncool girl was dictating to everyone what was cool reminds me of many, many fashion magazines. Take Seventeen's August issue. (I just read it because my dad neglected to tell me he gave it to me until recently, and he has my September copy.) Anywho, I love the section where they tell you the cutest stuff at the mall, so you don't have to work that tiny brain of yours to pick out something you like and put your own outfit together. I mean really, who has time for thinking for themselves?

That's generally why I stick to fashion blogs, although some blogs have the same sort of attutude, like they are Lisping Lisa trying desperately to be cool by telling you what is cool.

But, I digress. This post isn't about raking our practically zombie-ish society over the coals. I also love the movie for another reason. Shiny and leopard print, need I say more?

I actually totally adore Tara Reid's hippie sweet style in the film. Never thought she'd get fashion icon status, did you?

While she still does not have a bra on, I feel she shows skin at the waist in a chicly sexy way. It's really tough to do that. Most of the time, skin shown at the waist tends to make you look street whore rather than rich/classy/snob whore that I prefer. Unfortunately, there are a lack of photos online of her good outfits. I like the one in the picture above though. She's rocking those tie-tied, wide-legged pants with the simple, flowy top.

I also adored Paulo Costanzo's-- who played Alexander-- style too. It's actually a lot like a cross between the two brothers in The Royal Tenenbaums and/or Duckie from Pretty in Pink. You can see some bits of him in the videos I posted above, but they're like flashes. Just watch the movie. It's silly, and fun, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Just how I like my movies. It also has some great pop-y music. I got the CD, cried when I left it in the CD player of a rental car in Florida, where it was taken by someone, and cheered when I received a new copy via one of my sister's friends. It's nothing prolific, but good music to do something to, like driving or cleaning. It's got the generic pop rock feel to it.

Violet Red minus the Head

Here's a better look at my outfit. Going a little boho with the scarf in the hair, but I just had to have that scarf hitting the shirt somehow. Too hot for pants, so I used a flowy tunic tucked inside the shorts. I altered the top of the tunic so it wouldn't fall off me, like it usually does. Gave it a whole new neckline which I love and might just make permanent.

Pix: Clix them for more info.

With the Pussycats,

Ivy Frozen

Friday, August 10, 2007

Grant Who?

Ghost of the Innocent Past

It was Fred Astaire vs. Cary Grant for the title of best dressed man of old hollywood over at The Sartorialist earlier this weak. As usual, I'm late to join to join the fun, but better late than never. If my title didn't tip you off, my vote goes to Astaire.

For Grant, his clothes are the frame. For Astaire, his clothes are part of the artwork.

Astaire's style manages to express his personality or the persona he wants everyone to think he is. Witty, casual, approachable: Astaire's clothes help convey all this. The Sartorialist says Astaire's less-than-perfect looks made him more relateable and attainable to male fans. I say that it goes beyond his genetically created looks and extends to his clothes, which also portray a more welcoming, friendly air than Cary Grant's.

While I admit to giving Astaire bonus points for pulling off that effortless casual chic look that I think is so much harder to pull off than polished formal looks, Astaire is just overall more creative and inspiring with his clothing. He mixes patterns and colors that even I hesitate to mess with, and that says a lot. Colors and patterns are much more difficult to work with, and Astaire handles them with aplomb.

I must also point out that in a google search of images for both actors, most Cary Grant pictures were headshots while Fred Astaire's more commonly depicted his whole body. While this may have been to showcase Astaire's big claim to fame in the dancing arena, it's also important to note that his clothes always seem like an extension of the dance and Astaire himself.

To be fair, I must also admit that I have far from seen all the movies of either of these two actors, etc., etc., and I tend to find Grant's films boring. He's kind of my male Audrey Hepburn: goodlooking, dresses nice, but I find them both terribly boring.

I do like the tie he's wearing in the picture above though.

Ichigo means Strawberry

Inspired by my posts this week discussing color, I decided that I needed to wear some more. The bush and I had a very good conversation in the picture above, by the way.

Strawberry Secretary

I've also been kind of on a personal mission lately to wear all the pieces I usually don't wear often because I find them hard to work into an outfit I like. This shirt tunic--three more inches and it could have been a dress!-- is difficult for me to wear because it does the same thing to my boobs as my last outfit. Basically, I think it make them look droopy. Blech! So I employed the same bow trick and voile! The girls appear as they should.

Her Kingship

I lunched at Burger King and forgot I had this crown on my head, so I walked around with it for much of today. I kind of like it though.

My Outfit: Click the pics for details.

Other Photos: Yahoo and Google Image Search

Her King-ness,

Ivy Frozen

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I just Can't Hide It

Red Ribbons

I love shoes. The sexy curve of a high heel, the dangerous implications of red or leopard print, the sweetness a bow adds. Shoes are very talkative items of clothing. Perhaps it was the song "Meet Virginia" by Train that turned me on to them. Virginia is decribed as wearing high heels to exercise, which sounded and still sounds terribly glamourous to my young, impressionable mind, especially considering the rest of the song.

Follow the Concrete Road

Regardless of when my love affair started, I have a deep appreciation for the shoe. Especially pretty, pretty ones! When I find a perfectly beautiful shoe, I get a warm feeling inside. It's like cotton candy or chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven without the carbs.

The Fascinater
It's not surprising that shoes are popping up in my art.

The Ice Pad

It seems they're invading my home though too.

The Shoes

If you have a lot of something, don't try to hide it! Use it for decoration. An easy way to let people know what you love, and you no longer have to curse yourself for buying your large collection everytime you clean.

The 1000 Shoes of Ivy Frozen

Jungle Dream Pagoda likes to use pretty vintage frocks for decoration. I personally prefer using shoes, although I will have some signed shirts on the wall soon. Perfect to showcase my book-nerdiness to all, even though my desk turned out to be a little Kim Harrison themed already...

The Iceberg

They go great on the window too. The two pairs on the ledge keep the blinds from doing that annoying swingy thing too when it gets breezy. I put some little bow hair clips on those white shoes too. Me likey the results. One of the bows is messed up though and I'll have to get a hot glue gun to fix it, although I'm going to try just using some thread.

Happy Elf Shoes

Pictures: Clicky on them for more information.

The 1000 Shoes of

Ivy Frozen

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Movie Style: Dick Tracy


Dick Tracy. It was a decent movie, but I'm crazy about the costumes.

The colors! That was a clip from a meeting of the bad guys. They may be mean, they may not be the most physically attractive people in the world, but each and every one is impeccably dressed. I need every coat in the movie. Seriously. Look at this old commercial for a McDonalds scratch and win game.

It's proof that the Dick Tracy costumes make everyone look better. Bright coats ad hats rule.

As for the whole film, it kind of came off as sub par despite winning three oscars with five more oscar nominations. It had quite a few of those radom music videos that films that feature music stars tend to have. Despite my love for the woman, I didn't really like Madonna in the film. She's just not a bombshell. She's beautiful, she's sexy, but she's not the boss's gal. I pictured more of a Jessica Rabbit type with some dangerous curves in that role. Plus, the character was kind of random, so it wasn't all Madonna's bad. But I do feel a different actress could have made it work. Al Pacino, playing Big Boi, was wonderful in the movie and his character was similarly a little random. But he made it work.

My favorite character in the movie was The Kid. He was awesome. Impeccably dressed, humorous, and a helpful sidekick. Think suspenders, knickers and newsboy caps all in the same deliciously bold colors seen in the clip above. I'd post some pictures here, but it seems that despite the movies fabulous visuals, which is really it's strongpoint, there arn't too many pictures or even video to be found. But, it appears you can find some of the old Dick Tracy series on youtube.

It's black and white, but the clothes are still luscious. I love every outfit the women in this clip wear.

Trainspotting Joker

As for my outfit, it not as colorful as the ones in the film, but it carries a bit of the same charm to me. I've had this top for a while, bought back during my ruffle obsession of 2005 maybe and have had trouble wearing it. I did wear it more back when I first bought it, but now I just feel it makes my boobs look weird. I decided to try tying that satin ribbon around my neck as a bow, and I like it works wonderfully! And the shorts I just love now that I took out the cuff in them. They suffered a similar fate as the shirt, since I decided I didn't quite like wear they ended on my thighs. When I tried them on in the store, I had the aist pulled lower down than it actually fits on me. The shorts are also the first jean shorts I have ever really like, since mose of the other ones in store have a trailer trash vibe to me: short and messy. The whole nice shorts treand that has taken hold is my favorite! I would wear shorts, miniskirts, and minidresses all the time if I could. Oh wait, I already do...

My outfits: click on the pics for more info.

The detective has missed her train,

Ivy Frozen

P.S. Anyone else excited about the upcoming Beowulf film? I'm a little worried though, with them employing the now standard ancient accent, because apparently long ago the whole world had the same English-speaking accent. It also describes Hrothgar as the corrupt king, and i don't remember that from the book. And with such great lines as, "I'm here to kill your monster," well... It does feature Angelina Jolie though, as the voice of Grendel's mother. I've never disliked Angelina in a film, and Grendel's mother promises to be interesting.

Monday, August 06, 2007


I always find it interesting to learn about other cultures; I really had no idea before spying this article that swimming in public was an issue for muslim women. But now I remember back in highschool, when we had swimming in P.E., some of the girls weren't able to swim because of their religion. How I envied them*...
But now Muslim woman can swim comfortably and protect their modesty with Burqinis. (Burka plus bikini.) Looks like Burqini was developed for Muslim Austrailian lifeguards. Of course, the burgini isn't just for Muslim women, or lifeguards, as mentioned in the article. Many people are hopping on the burqini train to protect against skin cancer, their burns, and their modesty. It's better than a wet suit since it's two pieces and has a looser fit. I really love that luscious green on the one pictured above.

Anywho, I remember when I was child. My parents would always buy me a one piece, which I thank them for, and I had no problem with except for the whole wet suit plus using the restroom issue. I was so happy when tankini's came out, so I could be covered and not have the hassle that a one piece is when you have to use the bathroom. Then, I saw all the other woman having fun and not caring in their bikini's, so I said, why shouldn't I hop aboard and me happy now =) specially when it's really hot out, and I really don't want to wear anything at all. I no longer fault popstars for skimpy outfits on stage because those stages get HOT as evidenced by their near melting sweat. But really, I just feel better in a bikini.

I imagine that's how muslim women feel, perhaps it's their tankini or even bikini. You can swim and be comfortable. A little pricy, but to be able to swim in public? In the heat, I'd gladly hand over the cash, thinking of it as all the money I never spent on swimsuits, to be able to jump in the neighborhood or local high school's pool. Then, I'd plan all sorts of beach outings.

More on the Burqini:

The Sydney Morning Herald

Buy a Burqini from Ahiida

Images: Click the pics for details

Bikini is still my -kini of choice,

Ivy frozen

Hawaiian Safari

*we had swimming, in an outdoor pool, in winter! In the rain! The pool may have been heated, but outside the pool was not.

Welcome to Verona

Shakespeare in the Park

Romeo and Juliet wrapped to the tune of "Welcome to Atlanta."

Verse 1:
Welcome to Verona where the Capulets hate
The Montagues and they fight almost everyday and dispute,
They hate each others guts and they fight
On stupid little thing like little purple tights

Verse 2:
It’s the Romeo and Tybalt killer fighting scene
These two are fighting hard but they ain’t fighting clean
We want em stop, but they ain’t gonna stop
And they’re all gonna be turned into the cops

Verse 3:
See Romeo and Juliet really like each other,
But their parents don’t really get along with one another
This is a problem for these two star-crossed lovers
Cause they’ll never get to spend time under da covers

Shouting part:

Welcome to Verona where the Capulets hate
The Montagues and they fight almost everyday and dispute,
They hate each others guts and they fight
On stupid little thing like little purple tights
What the ----? I don’t care do you?
They don’t stop, they keep on fighting
They go on till 3 in the morning!!!

Verse 4:
Benvolio is the peaceful one
He doesn’t like to fight with anyone
He doesn’t really want to have any fun
Now this character’s verse is done

Verse 5:
Here’s Mercutio Romeo’s main man
He likes to have fun and he wants Romeo’s hand (what??)
He was slain by Tybalt which wasn’t that fair
Know what? Romeo was mad as a bear!

Verse 6:
See one day Paris came for Juliet
And she was acting like a child in a basinet
She can’t marry Paris because she’s already wed
And she waiting for Romeo to come to bed

Shouting Part:


Verse 7:
Art thou a man? That’s what the friar say
Like Romeo care; he just cry and stay
Run to Juliet this very night
And then run to Mantua and sit tight

Verse 8:
A sail, a sail! A boat's a coming
They say that to the nurse when she is humming
She usually helps Juliet a lot
But lately she has been a flop

Verse 9:
Mercutio’s line “a plague o’ both your houses”
Foreshadows the end of these two louses
We talking bout the Capulets and Montagues
Down with them and their stupid feud

Shouting part:


Gotta love the movie versions. If I remember correctly, Tybalt had purple tights paired with yellow pantaloons. His pants oddly reminded me of Disney's Snow White's puff sleeves. This is back from 9th or 10th grade English, composed with two buddies for a group project. Our's ruled.

Speaking of period costumes, check out The Costumer's Guide to Movie Costumes to get the lowdown on the luscious costumes used in movies set 100+ years in the past. Plus, it gives you a heads up on movies coming out in the future. If you love historical fashion as much as I do, it's well worth a look.

And for those sewers and crafters among you, check out The DIY Guide to LRP. I'm going to have to make one of the cloaks and the Robin Hood hat. If you're not so good with that type of stuff, you might also peruse it to see how some of the stuff is made. Of course, this is aimed for light role playing, not the hard core stuff. It's scary how awesome the hardcore role players costumes are.

My outfit: Click the pic for details. & no, I'm not really orange and related to oompa loompas, despite what that pic and my driver's liscence pic would have you think.

Peace Out,

Ivy Frozen

Saturday, August 04, 2007

How can something so wrong be so right?

Winona says they're wrong, but I love them. What's wrong with wings? How about a little sensitivity for our fairy friends?
But, seriously, it looks like that's just a shirt under the overalls, and the picture could be better. The model looks kind of like she's trying to stare me down and her left eye won't coorporate. Or she just slipped. Or she's having some trouble functioning. They were charging $269 for just the shortalls; they could have afforded to take a better picture.
But I love this outfit and how it suggests butterflies. I did my own inspired outfits, that don't really create the same effect, but I like them anyways.

In the Navy

This one went after the monocrome look, although the top has white dots on it. I'm holding For a Few Demons More by Kim Harrison in my hand.

Browse Inside this book
Get this for your site

I was going to try to recreate that Tori picture, but I was too self concious and tired after hauling two packs of laminate up the stairs and into my place. And that's a fanny pack around my waist, not a belt. Viva la hands free revolution, baby!


In this photo, I just slipped myself and fell back against the wall, right as the timer went off and snapped the picture. I like the result though--a happy accident. This is the outfit I wore to go to Home Depot and do the same thing I did in the previous outfit. Beleive it or not, but the heels from the other outfit were comfier than these tiny wedge sandles.

Americana with Tree

Pics: click pics to be carried away for more info.

Dances with the dark side,

Ivy Frozen

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dress Up for Yourself

Fired Up

Matching is vastly overrated.

Der Blaubeermund Te Amo Te Amo

Free the shoulders!

Der Blaubeermund

Because handbags are vastly overated too.


Viva la revolution, baby!

Why do we have to go out somewhere to dress up? In the first outfit, I basically stayed at home. I did run some errands earlier in the day, where I picked up those sweet shoes. (It's hard for me to find shoes that fit me perfectly --both size and budget-- since I have narrow feet. So when I find some, me must have!) But, if anyone I knew had been around when I had this outfit on, they'd be like, "So where are you going?"

On blogs everywhere I see women and fashion bloggers who talk about their wardrobe consisting mostly of PJs and other loungewear because they work from home for a living and thus don't bother to get dressed. And they say they don't buy nice things because they have nowhere to wear it.

I say let the madness stop! Dressing up is not strictly for going out. Dress up at home; dress up for yourself!
But, Ivy! I have kids to think about!
But, Ivy, I need to be comfortable!

All I'm going to say is where there's a will, there's a way. I spent all night typing out my short story Coffee at Midnight in the second outfit featured above. Sweatpants are not the only item of clothing in the world that is comfortable; there are plenty of pretty and comfortable things out there. Plus, this is about you not me. Dressing up for you.

What I Find Comfortable,

Ivy in Wonderland

You may not.

I like short hemlines because I feel they give me ease of movement, since I hat stuff rubbing against my knees. Others feel that short hemlines inhibit movement, since they have to worry about flashing the undergoodies. Or perhaps they aren't as fond of their legs. And I like to wear those skirts with huge pockets for doing housework since the pockets hold so much. Either that, or I don my apron.
So, I also offer...
Like an Eagle
Find cool, interesting, or nice sweatpants.

Experiment and rock what you got!

Because when ya look good, ya feel good.

Featured Photos: Click all the pictures to be carried to their flickr pages where further details can be found.

Feeling Good,

Ivy Frozen