Saturday, November 03, 2007

Icon: Snow White

Not Disney's Snow White...

This Snow White is a Korean drama about a nerdy girl who falls in love with her best friend. He, naturally, does not know and thus continues to date other girls while rubbing our Snow White's, Young Hee's, face in it. Eight years down the line, Jin Woo, or leading man, shoves his delinquent younger brother on Young Hee while he dates the plastic beauty Hee Won. With Jin Woo getting serious about Hee Won, Young Hee must finally make some changes and confess her love to Jin Woo. But does Young Hee still love Jin Woo?
While I love the drama itself-- it's predictable with a twist-- I really love the wardrobe on all of the younger characters except Hee Won. (She would be the one int he blue dress. Her style is kind of boring.) Young Hee, Jin Woo, Sun Woo, Minako, Chu Lee, and the rocker couple with the babies all have great looks! Even when Young Hee is nerdy, I still coveted many of her clothes. I think when she gets hot she basically wears many of the same things.
Young Hee has this really quirky-sweet-girly style I love. I now need a jacket like the on e above and solid colored jacket the same color as one of the stripes to wear with all my stripey shirts. Btw, the title can also be translated as Taste Sweet Love or it's just also called that.
The scarf! And that cape/coat thing!

I love this whole outfit! Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of the whole thing. That looks like Sun woo behind her, and I love his outfit too!

Chu Lee has this AWESOME '80s style that I adore. It's hard to find pictures of her though.
Minako has crazy awesome Japanese street style. It's adorable! In this picture, I love her hat with the long white coat and how her hat matches her guitar, though this is far from her best outfit.

Jin Woo has a very preppie style-- he's a news anchor-- so you think his wardrobe would be as boring as Hee Won's. But Jin Woo manages to be preppie, casual, and hip.

I think his scarves and great use of color are the key.

Sun Woo is the bad boy of the group, but he doesn't get by on just leather jackets.

He wears snakeskin too!

Here, I like the pinstripes on just the cuffs and collar. I wish I could find a good picture of his formal event suit-thing, but the internet is being uncoorporative. I guess you'll just have to watch it yourself.

You can find the whole series, sixteen episodes, on youtube (& elsewhere), with lazy subbing. They don't translate when the characters are speaking sometimes, but they translate more than enough for English speakers to understand.

My homage to the ladies of Snow White.

The Golden Plum Super hero

Minako made me want to wear my hair in pigtails. Chu Lee made me want to go a little 80s and Young Hee was all about the scarf.

Images: HanCinema & me. Click mine for more info., such as outfit deets and more sizes.

Snow White,

The Golden Plum

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Very cute outfit!

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OMG I love your outfit it's so perfect Jung Hwa's style!