Sunday, October 21, 2007

Trend Alert!

This just in!

Calm Before the Storm

A lot of neck action...

Tackle Fall

Bra Outline Visible through a colored shirt.

Puss in Boots

A Sorta Fairytale with you.

Graphic Afternoon

This scarf...with EVERYTHING!

Cat Woman

Business on top, party on the bottom!

  • The neck sees a revival of the double scarf but in a new (and exciting!) way. Instead of two knit-type scarves, I'm using a big rectangular one and a long one to create interesting arangements. It's like Marie Antoinette hairstyle, but for the neck.

  • For some reason, I've been loving the idea of a visble bra silhouette through a thin shirt. I'm not so crazy about it as white under white, but under a colored shirt is floating my boat.
  • I've also been feeling the Fairytale vibe after Gala Darling's fabulous post on the matter. That photo shoot was delicious, and implanted many ideas in my brain.

  • Recently, I've gone crazy for that scarf in my hair. I'm crazy about the color and pattern and how it interacts with the rest of my wardrobe. I wear it has a belt, around my neck, and even in my hair as there. In fact, it's in four of the five pictures in this post. I wonder if France is still relaxed about those marriage laws...
  • I also noticed in going through my photos that I have been relegating fun prints to skirts while wearing solids on top.
So, what are you wearing this autumn or just really itching to wear?

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Saturday, October 20, 2007


Autumn chic

I figured I might start a new feature, the Newsreel that is basically a place for me to share articles and news I found with you dear readers. So, without further ado, the headlines that caught my attention.

Dare to Bare: Are Indian Models Ready?

This article is about Indian models and lingerie campaigns. I found it while looking for something, but the article is interesting and has some lovely pictures. I especially love the one on teh second page. The whole site looks awesome and I saved it to my favorites to explore more another day.

Autumn Chic 3

Prada breaks free of the skinny model mold

I saw this and went to seek more. It seems Prada sent a curvier model down the runway. Unfortunately, a google search turned up little more. This blog post has a little more information. I'd love to see a bigger deal made out of it to encourage designers to start moving back up in model weights.

I was also happy to see this article from the first site I mentioned, saying India is ignoring the whole ideal body shape of disappearing behind poles and embracing a curvier shape. I especially enjoy Dr. Ghei's comment on body types on the second page.

Autumn Chic Take 4

AP: Sexual Misconduct Plagues US Schools

While it's not fashion related, I was greatly disturbed by this article. You'd think schools would take greater care to ensure child molesters weren't teaching our children than they do. I do understand the school's position in this; if it became public that a child was molested by one of the teachers at the school, it would lead to all sorts of other accusations and investigations, and possible punishments. That happened at my high school, and the event was used to fire our principal, who did a good job. (Our principal would fight for what the students want at our school, going against what the district head-person wanted. Also to clarify, or principal was not the child molester.) I was also pretty ticked about how lightly the teachers seemed to treat this. Just saying sorry and people believed they wouldn't do it again. You have to be pretty messed up to molest a child, especially the younger ones. There is no "I won't do it again."

I was also shocked at parents comments. "I thought it was just innocent ducktaping [of students and putting them in a closet]." No. Children are our future! Let's take better care of them. I'm sure the article exaggerates, but abuse of any kind has always struck a cord in me. The Michael Jackson story movie when his dad is going to beat him always freaks me out more than any horror movie. Abuse of any kind freaks me out.

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DIY Link Love


Now that Halloween's over, I figured I'd post a lot of cool DIY (do it yourself) sites I found. I know, too late to help with your costume this year, but the links include a plethora of DIY projects that can be used for daily wear, Christmas pressies, any other events you'd love to wear a costume too, and maybe just give ya something to do rainy/snowy/I just don't feel like going outside weather.

Note that all of the sites, regardless of category, offer projects or tutorials of some kind. At least, I'm pretty sure.

Tomoyo awkward

If you like that site I posted about before, with those demon-deal inducing dresses, you might be interested in some of the following historically accurate reproduction sites I found.

Modar University has a few tutorials on Medeival Clothes, but it's real strength is ALL THE LINKS. I haven't had time to explore them all, but how could something Medeival Russian clothing tutorials and Persian clothing patterns not be awesome? Join me in nerdy revelry! I drool, I drool! Scroll down ont he page and click on "Clothing" to find this treasure trove.

The DIY Guide to LRP has some great stuff to use for costuming projects and if you're bold, to wear eveyday. Unfortunately, a lot of the links aren't working and it places the tutorials uin the tiny sidebar. Maybe if you download the link... Belly Dancing Costumes page has some great tutorials and advice for costumes and everyday for the bold. I've been aching for a pair of full harem pants ever since I saw Aladdin when i was a little girl. I've got that project, from Ask the Costume Goddess, bookmarked for me to complete when I find some good fabric. And maybe I'll try some of the skirts, a veil, headress...

Dance and Shantall is another bellydancing costume site. Click on costume design for a few cool tutorials. What I really love is the guide on making the Turkish-Macedonian vest. I fell in love with it in Art history class and must now make one. Duly noted for self.

Katherine's Dress Site goes from the 18th century to the Edwardian period. Lots of inspirational eye candy, including fashion plates!, and some patterns. It includes instructions for making the items both the period way and the modern way. How awesome is that? Also check out Katherine's costumes. A+ from me.

Vintage sewing. info offers "offers free online access to public domain sewing books". Gotta love the advice in those old books. It offers information 1893 to the 1950s. has some awesome period costume patterns and tutorials. Check them out! I might try the Romantic era dress but make it shorter.

Tudor links! has a wealth of information on the Elizabethan Tudor period. Click on Textiles and Costumes for enough information to fill the historical clothing nerd within you with glee and keep you reading for several hours. The Ladies Treasury , somewhere connected to this site thoguh I can't find the right sequence of links to follow, offers these free Victorian/Eduardian patterns too, as well as articles on Victorian & Eduardian period dress. More drooling!

Check out this Custum Corset Pattern generator for Elizabethan style corsets meant to flatten the chest and not narrow your waist. So it's different from the more Victorian corsets that are popular. The wide skirt in Elizabethan dress makes the waist look smaller in comparison. It gives you a pattern and instructions.

Twinkle sleeping 1

If you love modern free patterns and tutorials, clap your hands. *clap, clap* is a visually stimulating blog with a few fun tutorials to try out, like a yo-yo, wallet, and pear satchel. The lovely DaciaRay also has a useful tutorial on how to hem jeans. Worth a looksie.

Whatthecraft is one of my favorite places for tutorials. I use several of them regularly, although now I know them by heart. There's also a forum, contests, a blog, and some helpful articles and links. Check it out if you haven't already.

BurdaMode has some really cool patterns that I NEED to try. Click on Downloads to get there. They also offer suggestions for simply refashioning items you already have into the items in the pattern. Awesomeness abounds!

The glorious Queens over at Kingdom of Style have posted a few tutorials. Unfortunately, they're hard to find. So here they are linked: Tulip Hem, Cocoon Hem, Bubble Hem. Those are the only ones I saw; there might be more. Give me a holla if you find more and I'll add them here. Don't forget to check out their awesome fashion blog while you're there!

Get Creative! Conference Center has all sorts of crafting goodness tutorials and advice. It's more crafty and accessories, and less clothes, but it has a lot of information that I have yet to explore. I would say they could just a few extra pictures in the tutorials though, such as a picture of the finished project. Otherwise, check it out. Now. has a lot of articles on sewing. Tips, tricks, techniques. It also has some cool projects to do. I'd say it's strength is crafty versus clothing. Click on fun projects; I really want to do the Dancing Diva project. Also, for the world concious among you, check out the charitable sewing projects. I might have to give one a go when I have more time.

that*darn*cat is a blog by a sewing and crafting mother with some cool projects for inspiration and some tutorials and explanations which might be useful. I bookmarked it for the quilted wallet tutorial.

13 Things You Can Make out of Your Old Blue Jeans. I think that's self explanitory. You should check out the rest of the blog too, if you're into thrift.

Martha Stewart, the DIY queen. Her emphasis is more on crafty, but she does have some cool clothing tutorials too, like this swimsuit, what to do with old bridesmaid dresses, and this flower hat.

One Hour Craft is a crafting blog which features quick and easy projects and inspiration. Love.

Super Eggplant has a simple tote bag tutorial. It's a great crafter's blog with plenty of eye candy.

Fitzpatterns offers free and low cost downloadable patterns. It's got some good stuff too. Scroll down and click on "free" for the free ones. I wanna make the cape!

Get Crafty! is a crafty DIY zone, with crafting-related articles and some tutorials. It also has some good articles on living cheaply. They also have a store, forum, and other things.

Costume Wardrobe has some cool projects for your costuming needs. I really want to make the cat ears, the petticoat, and the shoe covers! The instructions assume some knowledge of sewing. It's really more write ups of the costumes than full step by step tutorials.

Twinkly sleeping 2

If you need some help with sewing, you might take a look at these links. has some helpful articles on sewing techniques. All sorts of sewing related advice are there. Give it looksie if you're having trouble. has some videos on sewing techniques and projects. I personally found them kind of boring. They basically say word for word what's in the articles, so I usually use the articles. You may find the videos more helpful than I do though, and occasionally I use the videos for the visual. Plus, I can listen to them while doing something else. also offers sewing help, tips, tricks, and advice. They also have some free patterns and projects online somewhere.

Twinkly sleeping 3

If you're in need of inspiration, motivation, and perhaps some new friends to talk shop with, you might enjoy the following DIY Communities.

BurdaStyle has free patterns, many tutorials, and plenty of inspiration from it's fabulous members. It also has a handy-dandy sewpedia, a forum, a blog... Basically everything you need for sewing delight. They are more foucised on clothing then say crafting. If you don't know them you should. Weekly videos with project ideas for stuff you already have or can get cheap. They've also got a banging forum with even more project ideas and a place to show off your creations, get inspiration, and get help. Check them out. They're image is hip, fun, and thrifty. They alsosupport independent designers and eco and world friendly stuffs. Great for crafty, though an emphasis on wearable stuff. is a HUGE forum for cosplayers and those interested in it. Take some time to browse it for some amazing costumes. For this post, I'm mostly interested in this link, which has a bunch of links to tutorials for various cosplay related things, which can also be used for other costumes or even everyday clothes. I really love the tutorial for feather wings and I hope to make it sometime. Unfortunately, many of the tutorials are in Japanese, which stinks since I can't read it. Hey! Maybe if I use the google page translater thing... is a large forum for the crafters. It offers great resources for crafting and sewing clothing. It's the for crafters! Check it out for tutorials, advice, help, inspiration, and maybe some encouragement and companionship.

Tomoyo Hime

Me and Twinkle stayed up very late to write this post.

Twinkle sleeping 1

Be greatful, peons!

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